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Assisted Living Friendships Happen in San Jose

Finding a new friend in San JoseAn assisted living worker in a San Jose assisted living community became best friends with a former Veteran pilot.  It is amazing how in just a few weeks we, as humans, can develop close relationships with someone.  A new, young assisted living worker in San Jose was surprised how quickly she became friends with older gentlemen who she was caring for.  Every day she would make his bed and help him to get ready for the day.  He was quiet at first and hesitant to make a relationship because there were so many people caring for him that he could not keep them all straight.  He was pleased when she started to ask about the medals and awards he had posted on his wall and the plaques he had to honor him on his dresser.  She started to make small talk and conversation about the weather and quickly wanted to know more about who he was as a younger man.  He was so happy that someone had taken the extra effort to get to know him as a person.   While he appreciated the care from the other workers in this lovely San Diego assisted living facility, he was not pleased at how impersonal it felt to have someone come into his apartment do only what was necessary and move onto the next resident’s care needs.  The assisted care worker was also pleased to have someone to talk to about more than what they needed her to do for them.  She was happy to begin making a meaningful relationship with a ‘friend’ in the assisted living community.

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Seniors Count On Assisted Living In Dallas

HavFind how seniors depend on quality providers of assisted living in Dallasing someone to count on is the premise of assisted living in Dallas apartments where seniors reside.  We all want to feel a sense of support in our lives.  As we grow older, it is unfortunate to say, but many of our friends and often our spouses pass away and that leaves seniors on their own.  It is not difficult as we get older to care for all of the day to day living activities and things of that nature alone.  Many times seniors live in different cities than their adult children or their adult children have careers and families which occupy most of their time.  No senior aged person wants to feel like a burden to their family.  Assisted living in Dallas apartments which house seniors are allowing seniors the freedom of independent living as well as the assistance that they need to survives at this point in their lives.  Assisted living apartments can come as furnished apartments in some cases, but many times the apartment in appearance is the same as any other and will require furnishing.  The facilities providing assisted living in Dallas are staffed according to the occupancy levels and amount of residents also with regard to the level of care required for the residents.

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Grandma’s Getting In Home Nursing Care In San Diego

Compassionate in home nursing care in San DiegoGrandma though she just bumped her toe, but it was much more and in home nursing care in San Diego was needed in her San Diego area home.  Older people may become more clumsy and accident prone as they age.  The reason for this is not their lack of caring or concern for their own well-being and personal safety, but more changes in physical and mental capacity.  Grandma’s end table was at the corner of the room, just by the entrance to the hall, as it always had been.  As she got older, she started to never walk the same straight line path.  Her mobility was changing and her equilibrium was constantly off.  She is prone to accidents. Watch out for things as Grandparents age and check the top 5 signs he or she may be hiding an injury.

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Hospice Care In San Antonio

providing compassionate hospice care in san antonioHome care is not specific to end-of- life care like the hospice care in San Antonio that can be provided in a person’s home.  Some people, including me, did not realize the benefits of hospice care in the home versus a family caregiver or home care.  The philosophy behind hospice care is still a new concept to many in the senior care industry, the health care world and those with aging loved ones.  Hospice is the best kind of care for those who are in their final stage of life.  Explaining to a child, a mentally ill adult or a senior who is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease what is happening in the last stage of life can be beyond difficult or impossible for family members.  The emotions surrounding death for a family member are often only sadness and devastation.  Hospice care workers are able to bring a new perspective, hope and happiness to a person in their last stage of life.

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Home Care in Houston

Find quality providers of home care in HoustonSo we, who are family caregivers of senior aged loved ones in Houston, would otherwise not be able to go anywhere if not for home care in Houston.  Intermittent home care services are available and are customized to the care needs of your senior aged loved one.  Mom and I spent every day together.  I literally cared for her every need and I was very compassionate in doing so.  Some days, she was capable of doing more for her and my Dad than others.  Some days, I did not even have a minute to myself.  I prepared meals, cleaned the house, took out the trash, fed the dog, walked the dog, did the laundry, helped with grooming and personal care needs and just about anything that you could imagine happening in a day’s time.

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Signs of Caregiver Stress Checklist

Signs of Caregiver Stress

  1. Frustrations change your mood and behaviors
  2. Your tone shifts with your senior aged loved one
  3. Other responsibilities are not being met other than caregiving
  4. Needing more sleep than normal
  5. You are not providing the same level of care
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Nursing Homes In Philadelphia

Nursing Homes in PhiladelphiaIn different nursing homes across Philadelphia you can hear seniors chiming in to the sound of BINGO.  Senior citizens in Philadelphia nursing homes are able to participate in a variety of activities to keep their minds sharp, there motor skills functioning, socializing and for entertainment.  Bingos in nursing homes across the state of Pennsylvania are busting at the seams with seniors who are willing to take the friendly competition and exercising their mind.  The importance of participating in activities is often overlooked as most regard the nursing home activities as merely entertainment for seniors.  Seniors need interaction with other and joining the activities in the nursing homes allows them the opportunity to get to know a fellow resident or at least get out of their room for a bit.  Some seniors in nursing homes are eager to help a fellow resident to participate in activities.  Not only is this a bonding experience, but as with most activities in the nursing homes seniors are practicing their motor function skills and hand eye coordination.

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Retirement Home Crimes In Phoenix

Crimes against senior citizens can be a concern, but not typically in retirement homes in Phoenix.  Seniors are often the target of scams and home invasions.  When the seniors are living together in a retirement home with people their own age and of like mindsets, there is a lesser opportunity for thieves and home invaders to attempt to take advantage of the older people.  In Phoenix, most retirement homes are nestled in quiet neighborhoods and many are off of the beaten path, but some are right in the heart of the city.  No matter the location of the retirement homes, safety and security for the senior aged residents in retirement homes and the property in the retirement homes is a serious concern.  Most retirement homes are well equipped with many things to keep the residents safe.  See the Retirement Home Safety Checklist to ensure that your senior aged loved one is secure when choosing of the retirement homes in Phoenix.

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Retirement Homes Safety Checklist

Retirement Homes Safety Checklist

  1. Well-lit parking areas and walkways to the retirement home
  2. Locked windows on ground floors
  3. Ladders and maintenance equipment moved from upper levels to deter break ins
  4. Security cameras or alarms
  5. Management has an “open-door” policy for residents to report suspicious behavior


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Senior Challenges Her Chicago Home Care Provider

Find home care in ChicagoIf you have ever been around a strong-willed senior, you may understand some of the daily frustrations that home care workers are facing in Chicago homes.  Seniors who require assistance with daily living activities may have a Chicago home care worker who visits with them frequently in their homes.  A home care worker who is there several days a week begins to realize what a senior can safely do on his or her own and what tasks will require assistance.  A senior who thinks that he or she knows what is best and what can be done by them may challenge a home care worker.

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