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Hip to the Know

With so many changes in technology and social media, protecting your senior from scams in Orange County may not be as easy as it once was.  Many seniors are getting on the internet, chatting online and using social media to connect with loved ones.  There are literally hundreds or thousands of advertisements and pop-ups that one may encounter while online.  Seniors, who are relatively new to the internet and social media, may fall victim to scams and not legitimate offers.  It is important to remind your senior aged loved one:

  1. If you didn’t request it, it may be a scam (don’t call me, I’ll call you)
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A New Year a New Walk In Tub For You

Walk in bath tubsAs the New Year approaches many seniors and their families are thinking about how this year can be even better than the last.  In Detroit, many homeowners are thinking about upcoming renovations and for seniors these renovations and remodeling can mean a better quality of life.  As a younger adult we are typically remodeling to make things in our home aesthetically pleasing and things that we like just because it suits our fancy.  As we age, our focus may change from not only having new and nicer things in our homes, but also adding things to increase the quality of senior life.  Understanding what you like and want is something that comes with personal preferences we establish over time.  Now with all of the options in home remodeling, a senior can have things that look nice and serve them daily promoting a better quality of life.  A walk-in bathtub may be the first investment into a better quality of life to consider.

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Another Look at San Francisco Assisted Living

Assisted living centers in San FranciscoSeniors and their families are taking another look at the San Francisco assisted living developments.  You may consider scheduling a tour in your area because the new face of assisted living may just surprise you.  Home is where the heart is in most people’s minds, so no longer are assisted living facilities looking like hospitals or institutions.

How Assisted Living is Changing Faces

  1. New interior designs
  2. Architectural updates
  3. Inviting Locations
  4. Homelike décor
  5. Staff that acts like a friend
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