Active Lifestyle Senior Housing

Retirement communities can be a great active lifestyle senior housing option for seniors that need to move out of home and into a senior living community. There are many choices of care to choose from for a senior, and these senior care options allow for a better lifestyle if chosen with the senior’s needs in mind.

Independent Living Communities, also known as Retirement Communities, offer a solution for seniors looking for a fresh start by downsizing their life, but not ending their social spectrum. These seniors do not need the individual attention that nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide, rather there is much more independence and freedom. Many people call retirement living, active lifestyle living because of the many ways that one can live an independent, but simpler life. Residents in retirement communities care for themselves but have the luxuries of not having to cook, clean, drive, or do home maintenance.

Each independent living community varies, but overall they are quite similar. Many communities have chef-prepared meals daily, activity coordinators, planned events, weekly housekeeping, local transportation services, 24 hour security, chapels, travel programs, barber shops and beauty salons, concierge, golf courses, recreational areas and more. The staff keep a watchful eye on residents to ensure their well-being and safety, but the residents maintain their independence, a private suite to live in, they can leave the premises and come back as they please, and they make their own choices.

Active lifestyle senior housing such as retirement communities are private pay. Some also require a buy-in entrance fee, or they may just have month to month rent payments. Each community differentiates on the community’s individual rules and costs. The cost is generally less than a full-service senior care facility, depending on the amenities offered, the size of the unit, and the services offered to the residents. The cost may end up being less than maintaining a home because of the various services offered. A financial planner can help you factor in what costs you are paying in your home and what they would be if you were in a retirement community. You may also want to look into a Geriatric Care Manager if you are unsure if a retirement community is the right choice for you or your aging seniors’ care.

You can search for a Retirement Community near you by using, a complete source for senior care. You may also want to take tours of local retirement communities to see what they offer and why they are different than the next community. Also, ask to have a complete cost analysis with each charge outlined in detail. You will want to notice if there are any extra fees or hidden costs that you may run into. Many retirement communities offer trial stays for seniors who want to try out a senior care facility. You may want to stay a night or two to see if this is a place that you could live at. Talking with family members and friends can help in your decision on moving into a retirement community. You may need to get on a waiting list to move into your new residence, so if you are the least bit interested it is recommended to get on the list as soon as possible. Moving into a retirement home is an important choice that you need to make. Always investigate your options and choose a place that fits your needs and wants.

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