Senior Housing

For seniors on the go, active lifestyle senior housing is available with a wide array of activities; amenities and independent living arrangements that don’t feel like an encroachment on your choices or self-determination. There are a variety of active senior lifestyle housing options, including condominiums, townhouses, apartments and retirement communities with stand-alone houses.

Senior housing in an adult retirement community usually comes with the caveat that at least one member of the family be 55 years or older, and no children are allowed. They might be referred to as retirement communities or lifestyle communities, but the rules are generally the same.

There are important questions to ask yourself before you make the decision to move, including those of income, activity level and socialization requirements. The first question to ask yourself is this:  Are you ready to leave your current home? Are you becoming concerned about your ability to maintain the property, or are you perhaps concerned about your personal health and safety, living independently?

If you decide on the move, other questions need to be addressed. Are you or your partner interested in being communal, and would you enjoy living among others your own age?  Active lifestyle senior housing means activities and outings, so would you be interested in participating in things like that?  Are you looking for services such as a gym, workout classes, golfing, or a swimming pool? Do you have the income or have you saved enough to make the monthly rents or mortgage payments?

Ask yourself which style of housing you prefer. You might be accustomed to living in an apartment building, and feel most comfortable in that setting. Or are you used to your own house?  If so, decide how much yard you will want, and if help is available for lawn and building maintenance, and if you can afford the extra financial impact those services might incur.

Figure out if you are going to want a facility that offers medical attention on-site, and has panic buttons in the apartment’s rooms for emergency assistance. Ask yourself if you will want shopping services, or a shuttle into town. Will you want to keep your own car?  If so, what is the parking situation you will require? If you want to work out and are interested in a particular facility, find out if there is a gym on-site. If so, is there access to either classes or personal trainers, via shuttle, public transportation or your own vehicle?

Decide too, what level of interaction you require with your neighbors.  Active lifestyle senior housing generally means getting up and out, and if you are a solitary sort, make sure your choice will allow that decision without you feeling put upon or like your space is being invaded.  If you are the type of person who enjoys the company of others, (and have never met a person you didn’t like) a community situation might be perfect for you. Being surrounded by folks your own age can either be attractive or seem like a horrible idea; only you can decide.

For a complete listing of active lifestyle senior housing facilities in your area, visit  Their website provides a comprehensive look at what your options are, and what each available facility provides, making it a one-stop shop when it comes to searching for active lifestyle senior housing facilities.

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