Adult Day Care Activities

Seniors who choose to remain living in their home have many different options and opportunities when it comes to daily activities. These activities let seniors keep a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially. One of the ways seniors are able to keep an active life is by participating in activities held through adult day care facilities.

Adult day care facilities are non-residential facilities that provide activities for seniors both on and off the grounds of homes and day care premises. They are usually open anywhere from 10 to 12 hours every day. This is to accommodate the family or friends of the senior who look after them. Adult day care facilities were created in order for seniors to continue receiving treatment they are in need of at home, while their loved ones are able to continue with their daily obligations such as work and errands. These facilities provide assistance to seniors ranging from moderate to severe needs. Because their clientele is so varied, the activities they provide span over a wide range of options.

For the individuals who are more mobile and only in need of limited assistance, they are offered activities such as social outings which include movies, shopping excursions, meals, and recreational activities. Through this level of socialization and interaction, these individuals are able to maintain their level of mobility and cognitive storage. However, social outings are usually limited because individuals who are part of adult day cares are usually limited themselves with what they are capable of and comfortable with doing.

For the individuals who are in need of more assistance, they offer activities that do not require as much transportation or mobility. They provide on site leisure activities such as light recreational activities, available meals, and social gatherings. Movies are also played on the facility grounds. This gives the individuals who may not have the capability of going out to a movie the same opportunities as the individuals who are more mobile. They also provide games which aid in memory. Some examples of board games they may offer are Scrabble, Monopoly, and Operation. They may also provide card games, which help in math skills and counting.

Finally, activities that provide relaxation for each individual are offered. These activities can range from massages to naps throughout the day. Often time’s manicures and pedicures will be scheduled along with massages. To ensure that each individual is keeping their body in full supply of the right combination of relaxation and mobility, adult day care facilities provide opportunities for both.

Through adult day care facilities, seniors are able to spend their days living in the comfort of their own homes, loved ones are able to continue caring for them and still maintaining their daily obligations, and seniors are able to spend time throughout the day with individuals who are at the same stage as themselves in life. By offering assistance and the activities they do, adult day care facilities are not only providing assistance to seniors, but also assistance to their loved ones who have chosen to aid in their daily lives.

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