Adult Day Care in North Carolina

With the rising retiree population, there are more Adult Day Care Centers opening in the United States. You are able to find Adult Day Care Centers in almost every state from Adult Day Care in North Carolina to Minnesota Centers. Adult Day Care is structured around seniors social needs, as well as support and assistance.

Adult Day Care is a safe and caring setting for senior adults. The programs at the Adult Day Care Center are designed to cover the needs of each individual. This includes: social and supportive services, meals, activities, exercise, and transportation. There are many benefits to Adult Day Care services including caregiver respite services, social interaction with other seniors, integration into the seniors community, and it provides affordable senior help services. Seniors in Adult Day Centers are often physically, mentally, or functionally impaired, or they may need assistance, companionship, or supervision during the day.

Most Adult Day Care services focus care on the social needs of the senior. Most offer meals and offer transportation services. There are many activities offered to help stimulate socialization between seniors in the Adult Day Care center. The activities may include mentally or physically stimulating activities such as: trivia question games, crossword puzzles, word games, memory games, exercising, dancing, karaoke, or movies.

Adult Day Care is mostly funded by participant fees, city agencies, and charitable sources. There is a fee to attend an Adult Day Care Center though. Seniors usually have to pay privately, but some offer need-based scales and scholarships. Medicare covers some adult daycare services in certain circumstances.

  1. Medicare Part B covers mental health treatment in an outpatient mental health clinic.
  2. Medicare only covers the actual medical treatment to recover from a medical crisis or an individual or group psychotherapy.
  3. To find out if Medicare part C covers any Adult Day Care expenses, contact the plan directly.
  4. Medicare partners with Medicaid to sponsor the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, PACE, which provides comprehensive adult daycare services seniors who would otherwise require nursing home care.

It is important to note that regardless of the rules regarding the type of care, in order for Medicare Part A, Part B, or Part C to provide coverage, the care must be: medically necessary which means it must be ordered by a licensed physician or medical provider and the care is necessary, and the care must be delivered by a healthcare provider participating in Medicare.

Long Term Care Insurance policies may pay for benefits for seniors in Adult Day Care Facilities. The coverage depends on the individual policy, therefore you would need to contact you policy to find out what it covers.

You can find Adult Day Care Centers by contacting your local Area Agency on Aging, using the internet as a guide, talking to your doctor, or asking a Geriatric Care Manager for assistance in your senior care search. Finding the right Adult Day Care Center to fit the needs of your senior loved one will help the seniors aging process and will give you the assurance you need to know they are safe and healthy.

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