Adult Day Care Texas

When choosing the type of elder care that is best suited for the senior in your life, it is important to look at all options that are available to you. These include assisted living, nursing homes, adult day care facilities, and more. Because there are so many different forms of elder care that treat so many different levels of assistance needed, research is important. Through this research it is important to include type of senior care needed, financial obligations, and geographic specific criteria.

One of these many senior care options is adult day care. We’re going to focus on adult day care and the services they provide to the elderly. Since elder care does vary by geographic location, we’ll focus on adult day care services in the state of Texas.

Adult Day Care Association of Texas (ADCAT) is an organization made up of licensed adult day care providers. They provide assistance to seniors who may be impaired in some way, hindering them from taking care of themselves when they are alone. Assistances that ADCAT provide include both health and social support, focusing on not only the physical and mental stability of individuals, but also the comfortably level they feel when in a social gathering.

Adult day care facilities located in Texas are regulated by The State of Texas guidelines. These guidelines include unannounced inspections, which are performed by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). DADS perform these unannounced inspections in order to ensure that all guidelines are being followed at all times. These inspections include record keeping, facility cleanliness, and recreational and social activities.

DADS also inspects that each adult day care facility is following criteria when it comes to staffing. It is regulation for there to be one staff member for every eight adult patients. Each facility must also staff a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse. Each staff member must be CPR trained within three days of being hired, and be trained on prevention and reporting of abuse and neglect to patients and seniors in general.

When planning and executing daily activities for their members, adult day care centers in Texas must meet criteria set by The State of Texas. These activities include health and wellness focus, such as health counseling, and speech and physical therapy. They also include daily field trips organized for the seniors. These trips can be as casual as a trip to the park, and as formal as an outing to an organized event.

It is through these regulations and guidelines that individuals who have their loved ones participate in adult day care facilities in the state of Texas can be assured they are receiving the highest level of care and assistance. Adult day care facilities were established with the goal of providing personal daily care to individuals who require it, and to do so with trust, professionalism, and love. The state of Texas is prided on its care and compassion, and providing those human qualities through an elder care facility is no different.

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