Albuquerque Retirement Communities

Most of the “middle boomers”, which is the baby boomer segment aged 52-58 years old right now – aren’t worried about outliving their retirement money, as only 12 percent say this is a concern.  They’re more worried about being able to afford health care (25%) and staying productive and useful in their golden years (18%). Another 13 percent are concerned about long-term care expenses. The results of this recent study provide new insights to strategic senior living providers that are looking toward the eventual influx of boomer residents.

And as a much sought-after area, Albuquerque retirement communities provide some of the best retirement choices you can choose from!

Middle boomers’ biggest concerns about retirement & retirement community living:

  • Being able to afford health care (25%)
  • Staying productive and useful (18%)
  • Having to work full- or part-time (15%)
  • Providing for your spouse’s/partner’s/own long-term care (13%)
  • Outliving retirement money (12%)
  • Choosing the right retirement community (9%)

Historically, New Mexico remained largely unnoticed by the retirement population of the US throughout most of the twentieth century. Recently, however, the state has received more attention from retirees as an up-and-coming retirement destination. As prices and population in places like Phoenix and Las Vegas increased dramatically throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, people looked for an escape that offered reasonable prices and less congestion. As a result, New Mexico, and especially Albuquerque, emerged as a logical alternative to those seeking a retirement destination in the Southwest.

New Mexico’s rise in popularity among retirees is well deserved. The overall tax burden on its residents is in the lower third of all the states and among the best of the entire Southwest states. New Mexico offers a wide array of landscapes, rich culture and plenty of recreational opportunities. Despite New Mexico’s image as an arid desert, heavily forested mountain wilderness cover a significant portion of the state, especially towards the north. Sunshine is pretty much the norm in most parts of the state and some places experience up to 340 days of sunshine a year. Surprisingly, some of the high altitude regions of the state have been known to get in excess of 300 inches of snow a year.

Albuquerque and Santa Fe have been the most popular retirement destinations. However, more recently, retirees have flocked to hidden gems across the southern part of the state, as home prices tend to be above the national average in the northern part of the state and below the national average in the south.
Despite the reputation as an arid desert, New Mexico it is actually covered in a varied landscape of high snow-capped mountains and lush forests. The climate varies tremendously by location and altitude. Though summer days can typically rise into the 90’s throughout much of the state, a sweater or light jacket is usually a requirement in the evening as temperatures typically fall into the 50’s and 60’s. Winter highs tend to be in the 40’s throughout most of the state and lows are in the 20’s. Most places in New Mexico experience in excess of 300 days of sunshine a year; as a result, rain is scarce. Places at higher altitudes experience abundant snowfalls throughout the winter.

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