American Senior Living Communities

Every time you look around the corner it seems you are faced with an advertisement on television or a billboard for another one of our many  American senior living communities.  But the question is, just what are they, really?

The label senior living community is just another name for retirement communities, if you really want to be precise about it.  Seniors — those in the 65 and over age bracket — are now looking to live in areas with each other that are safe and secure, for a number of reasons.

Living communities allow the group that is within that particular area to have a place to live, within certain guidelines.  In return, services are given — and those services will depend on the community itself.

Some living communities are gated, meaning that the entrance to them has a gate that has to have a code to allow entrance, or is perhaps guarded.  It is common for living communities to also have some sort of fitness, shopping, or community complex included in them. Sometimes there may be a clubhouse with a pool, exercise equipment and perhaps facilities for larger parties when needed.  Some of the more expensive senior communities also include built-in systems that trigger medical alert teams when needed.

Having access to medical alert teams without having to pick up a phone and dial 911 makes life simpler, and less frightening as well.

Senior living communities allow members to live mostly maintenance free now.  In other words, the maintenance issues are taken care of by the company that owns the living community, and to whom the seniors probably pay a monthly fee of some sort.

Seniors don’t have to fix their own sinks, or plumbing — and lawn maintenance is done for them.  Depending on the area, sidewalks may or may not be shoveled for snow during the winter as well.

These communities provide a sense of fun for seniors to enjoy.  With others their age around them, seniors can sit back, and talk about the many things that they have in common.  Card games pop up quite often, as do bingo nights, ice cream socials, dances and many other different activities.

Some living communities for seniors that are on the wealthier end of the spectrum, and in warmer climates may be situated near golf courses for their members to enjoy.  Some of these same living communities also provide catered lunches and dinners for the members so that they don’t have to be concerned with cooking, either.

The wide range of American senior living communities available is something that everyone needs to be aware of. Consider all of the facts that are presented, and weigh them out.

Making a decision as to what senior living community to use will come with time—whether it is for yourself or a family member.  Whatever your choice is, feel safe in knowing that senior living communities will provide a balance of things for their members to do.  To see what oprions are available in your area, visit for a complete listing of American senior living communities.

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