Assisted Independent Living

Through assisted independent living facilities, seniors are acknowledging their desire for independence, while simultaneously acknowledging the fact they may not be able to do so alone. When a senior makes this acknowledgement, they are realizing that they need assistance with daily tasks, such as, among other things, grooming, preparation of meals, and companionship. Some assisted independent living facilities are capable of providing assistance with medication as well. With assisted independent living facilities, they receive the exact amount of freedom they desire, with the amount of assistance they require.

Residents have much more freedom with assisted independent living facilities than they would with a nursing home because they remain living independently. Also, residents of assisted independent living facilities usually do not require the same extensive amount of assistance that an individual residing in a nursing home would. It is because of this limited need for assistance that residents are able to maintain the level of independence they are most comfortable with.

Assisted independent living facilities also differ from in home care because in home care is a service that is provided in the comfort of an elderly individuals home. They have not made a relocation to a community based living facility where other individuals in their same stage in life also reside. Though the services that are provided at an assisted independent living facility closely mirror those services provided by an in home care specialist, the seniors who choose to reside in an assisted independent living facility live in a community that is specialized for similar individuals.

There are many seniors who prefer assisted independent living facilities because of this community aspect. They are reminded on a daily basis of many important factors. These factors include; they are not alone in some of their limitations and needs for assistance, though they do require some assistance, they are still quite capable of living independently, and there are still many social outing options available to them that they are able to enjoy.

Assisted independent living facilities take great pride in their efforts to provide their residents with social options. These options are sometimes as casual as a community meal with other residents to an in-home movie night in their recreational room. They also may include nights off the facility grounds. These could include a movie outing scheduled with other residents, shopping of all forms, and even nature walks throughout surrounding areas. These social gatherings allow residents to not only continue with their previous social life, but also gain new companions and friends by participating with other residents.

Assisted independent living facilities were introduced with the purpose of allowing senior citizens to maintain the level of independence they feel most comfortable with, while also maintaining a healthy and safe living environment where they are guaranteed supervision by individuals who are trained and schooled in such areas. It is because of these facilities that seniors are able to continue living their life at their pace, just simply with a little assistance.

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