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assisted living in charlotte, NCSenior aged people are wondering when it is a good time to transition from independent living to an apartment for assisted living in Charlotte. If your senior aged loved one is having trouble with everyday living activities, is experiencing loneliness in their home or needs more predictable bills on their fixed income assisted living in the Charlotte area may be the senior housing option to consider. Many seniors are reluctant to leave their homes and will not ask for help with things that they are unable to do on their own. Rather than for your senior to be living in the home and risk hurting them to complete daily living activities or be lonely in the home alone there is an alternative place and way to live.

Everyday living activities like showering, grooming, getting dressed, making the bed, housekeeping and cooking may become burdensome and not possible for your senior aged loved one. If your senior aged loved one is living alone in their Charlotte home and they are unable to complete some or many of their daily living activities on their own, it is important to get them the help that they need to be able to maintain a healthy, safe, dignified way of life. The quality of life of a senior aged loved one can diminish without a family or friend recognizing the need for assistance with daily living activities. For instance, if when visiting a senior aged loved one you notice that there are dirty dishes not being washed, laundry that it dirty that is not being attended to, your senior is wearing the same clothes or the clothes look like they have not been put on correctly or (at worst case scenario) your senior is not clean then there may be a need to assess what your senior is unable to complete on his or her own. The conversation may be uncomfortable with your senior aged loved one when there is a recognition of a care need change, but it is best that the issues are addressed even if it comes with some push-back from your senior aged loved one. Be proactive and think about the things that you should check to ensure that your senior aged loved one is being able to care for his or her daily care needs prior to a visit. This will ensure that you are properly assessing the senior care needs when you are visiting your senior aged loved one in their Charlotte home.

If your senior aged loved one becomes lonely in their home due to living alone, assisted living senior housing may be an option to curb loneliness. Seniors often become lonely, especially when they have lost a spouse or significant other and have less interaction with the public and society. Ask your senior directly if they are lonely or if they would like more senior interaction and ways to interact with other people. Assisted living senior housing will allow the option to meet in common areas for dinner and activities. An assisted living care worker will also be available to help with senior care needs and provide companionship.

Owning a home can be expensive and come with unpredictable expenses. When renting or owning a home, a senior can be concerned with how they will be able to replace appliances or perform necessary maintenance to the home. These can come as large expenses. It may be a good idea to consider an assisted living apartment in Charlotte if your senior aged loved one has a fixed income and needs fixed expenses. In owning a home, if the hot water tanks or refrigerator stop working and need to be replaced this is the responsibility of the homeowner. In an assisted living apartment the expenses are at a set rate and should something need to be fixed it is the responsibility of the Charlotte assisted living senior housing facility. Fixed incomes are best spent on fixed expenses. You will rest well at night knowing that your senior aged love done has help with their daily living activities, is not lonely and is no longer alone and is able to comfortably afford their expenses in a great living environment for assisted living in Charlotte.

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