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Assisted living facility in ChicagoSome Chicago assisted living facilities allow their residents to consume alcohol and to have alcohol in their apartments; others ban consumption of alcohol. Some residents in assisted living facilities are sneaking their alcoholic beverages into their apartments and are consuming it in a concealed manner. Assisted living facility workers have mixed opinions on whether or not alcohol should be permitted in these facilities. Some residents who are safe health-wise to consume alcoholic beverages are happier and easier to work with, whereas others will be belligerent and difficult to be able to work with and assist.

In Chicago, many residents of assisted living facilities are able to maintain an independent lifestyle with minimal assistance needed. Many senior aged people have cellular phones that they are able to use to access the Internet and make purchases online. Some of the assisted living facilities in Chicago have Internet cafés and free WI-fi locations throughout the community. The Internet is not necessarily available or an amenity of all of the assisted living facilities in Chicago.

Finding a Chicago assisted living community that has the cellular telephone reception that an elderly resident needs or making sure that the internet is available may not be a first priority in choosing an assisted living facility in Chicago. Without amenities like Internet and cell phone capability a senior aged person who is accustomed to staying connected with social media, contacting friends or speaking with family will be disappointed in their housing situation. A senior care plan does not usually include the entertainment or luxuries that a senior aged loved one may enjoy. Making sure that your loved one is able to continue to enjoy those things that he or she was enjoying at home while in the Chicago assisted living facility will make for an easier transition in the residency and change in living situation.

Many adult children are accustomed to speaking with their elderly parents while they lived at home on a cellular phone. Should the cellular carrier not have a tower near the assisted living facility in that Chicago neighborhood the elderly resident may no longer be able to use a cellular phone to contact friends and family. Most cellular telephones come with a contract and to break the contract early to switch to another cellular carrier which has service in the area around a particular assisted living facility can be costly.

Moving into an assisted living community should be as seamless and the lifestyle of a senior aged loved one should remain the same when they are moving. Keeping all of the leisurely activities the same or ensuring that an elderly loved one is still able to maintain a normal lifestyle will make the transition of moving into an assisted living facility from home an easier one. Moving is not always fun and causes stress for most people, not just the elderly. The fact that a senior aged person is moving into a smaller apartment than their house can even cause some apprehension. Elderly loved ones should be given every opportunity to maintain a comfortable, normal lifestyle to which they are accustomed. Do the research, even down the smallest details (like a cellular phone carrier in the area) before settling upon one of the Chicago assisted living facilities.

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