Assisted Living in Dallas

assisted living in dallas, TXMost people make many moves in their lives and for some seniors moving into assisted living in Dallas is just one more stop along life’s journey.  We are always moving.  Moving in, moving out, moving up and moving around in life.  As children we move from home to school, as teenagers and young adults we move from the house to a dorm and as adults we make many moves which suit our careers and families.  Picking up and moving is easier for a younger adult than for a senior to make the necessary adjustments.   Seniors who are living alone and who are unable to care for themselves any longer will require assistance.  Making the move to an assisted living community is a valuable choice in senior care.  Make a checklist of the things that you will need to take to make the move.  Most people are concerned with the basic essentials when moving a senior aged loved one into an assisted living community.  Towels and toiletries are probably the least of a senior’s concern in making the move.

Assisted living apartments, while most of them are very nice in Dallas, are impersonal.  Make the move easier by talking about what is most important to a senior in their everyday living and what things they just cannot live without.  Make family and personal sentimental items a priority in packing and moving.  Most things which cannot be taken to the assisted living apartment will need to be sold, donated or recovered by family members.  Selling the family home and moving a senior aged loved one into an assisted living apartment is not an easy transition for the senior or their family.  It often feels like your senior aged loved one is not at all able to live life as you once knew it when the need arises for a move.  This is simply not the case.  Be sure to remember that while your senior may need assistance with daily living, he or she is still the same person who had been able to care for himself just a few months or years prior.  Other than maybe some assistance with daily living activities, your Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent or aging parent is the same person who loves a talk show in the afternoon over tea or a game show in the evening over a snack.  Seniors age, but their preferences and fundamentally who they are why is important often times remain the same.  Don’t look at moving a senior to an assisted living community as a negative transition.

Moving to Assisted Living Checklist

  1. Personal favorites (like books, pillow and décor)
  2. Sentimental memories and memorabilia
  3. Irreplaceable photos and frames (consider making copies and hanging the originals)
  4. Anything to make the apartment feel more like the house (maybe a welcome mat or sign from the old house)
  5. A piece of furniture (like a chair, recliner or sofa)

Embrace the changes in your elder’s living situation and he or she will also be more receptive to the change.  Thinking positively can change the perspective for your elder and give him or her positive outlook on the assisted living facility and their new apartment.  Surround your senior aged loved one with the colors that he or she prefers and make the apartment as personalized as possible.  If your Grandma loved butterflies and in her home she once had many, take the time to decorate the apartment she may move to for assisted living in Dallas and make it a home for your senior.

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