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Cold weather often means more colds for seniors, and sometimes seniors can get colds two times or more during the cold season. Seniors are especially susceptible to colds when living in assisted living facilities in Baltimore, MD. The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid people who are sick, but in senior care facilities that is almost impossible to do. The more people in one area, the more risk you have of getting a cold or flu.

There are a few ways to best avoid the cold and flu strains that occur during the cold and dry weather. Since cold viruses can live up to a whole day, it is best to not touch a lot of surfaces, such as door knobs, elevator buttons, and table tops. Using a napkin to open doors can help prevent the spread of cold germs. You have to consciously try and avoid public surfaces which may be hard at first, but once you try to avoid public areas such as shopping cart handles or your own steering wheel, you will get used to avoiding common surface areas. Some people believe in disinfecting wipes, and may carry some with them everywhere they go. This can be a good thought, but mostly the common cold has over two-hundred viruses which cannot all be killed with antibacterial wipes.

The majority of colds start as a nasal cold where the virus particles make their way into the mucous membranes in the nose to cause an infection. Virus particles that sit near the base of the nose can be inhaled into the nose where the virus can cause an infection. If your hands don’t touch your mouth or nose, the cold virus cannot go into your nose on its own. Keeping your hands away from your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth can help prevent the spread of cold viruses. Sneezing is one of the main ways that cold viruses are spread from one person to another. When you sneeze, tiny particles fly into the air, and if you cover your sneeze with your hands, you will transfer the particles from your hand to everything you touch. Therefore, covering your sneeze by using your inner elbow will help prevent the transfer of germs and colds. Sneezing into a tissue, then disposing it right away will also prevent transmission of the germs from one place to another.

Seniors may not sleep very well due to sleeping in their new living space, sickness, or depression, and lack of sleep is often a dangerous thing when it comes to the cold. People who do not get enough sleep are often more prone to colds. You need sleep to recharge your body’s immune system. Boosting the immune with adequate sleep will help you fight the cold viruses. Staying hydrated is often another way to ward off cold symptoms. Using a nasal mist at the first sign of a cold will help fight the viruses, and helps to flush germs from the nose. In dry winter air, there is more chance of your senior loved one getting sick. Therefore, inhaling steam, or having a humidifier set-up in your living space will help avoid colds and the flu.

Vitamin D helps absorb essential vitamins your body needs to ward off harmful germs. You can get Vitamin D from sitting in the direct sunlight for 15 minutes a day, and taking in as much Vitamin D as you can from fortified foods. Vitamin D can help boost your immune and help you prevent cold symptoms. Some people are Vitamin D deficient, and in that case talk with your doctor to get a supplement. If you are deficient in Vitamin D, you may experience colds more often since the body needs a strong immunity to fight off cold germs.

There are many ways that you can protect yourself or your senior loved one from getting a cold or flu, but sometimes there is nothing we can do. If there are people who are sick around us, the odds of getting sick are quite high. Understanding that you can avoid most germs can help you prevent colds more often though.

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