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Assisted Living facilities in Georgia offer an alternative caring place for seniors to age. At first, an elderly person may have trouble getting used to their new living environment but after a while they should get used to their new surroundings. Seniors may start to become depressed and may stop eating due to this depression. Seniors that do not eat in the assisted living facility may have a problem or issue they need to overcome. Paying attention to a senior’s eating habits can help prevent further complications later on. It is common for the aged to have trouble eating if they are on certain medications that may alter their appetite. It is also common for the elderly to become depressed and lose their appetite. Whatever the reason, if a senior is not eating in their assisted living environment, it cannot be a healthy thing to do.  That’s where Assisted Living GA may help.

Seniors may have a difficult chewing the food especially if they have osteoporosis, arthritis, or do not have dentures that fit their mouth anymore. Sometimes a good dental evaluation or a visit to the doctor can help a senior eat more easily. Often, elderly adults are unable to swallow, and this can cause complications when trying to consume food. Sometimes water or watery foods can create a choking hazard. A senior will need a water thickener and food thickener to help prevent them from choking on their food or drink.

In Georgia, many assisted living care facilities will have a dietary staff that will evaluate the seniors food and whether or not they ate enough compared to what they normally eat. This helps staff members determine if the senior is having issues, and they can find out what is causing the lack of appetite. Usually seniors will not talk about not eating, and they will say they are not hungry, but this is not always the case.  Knowing and understanding this behavior is often a most valuable reason for having an elderly senior in an assisted living facility.

Your aging parent or loved one may become embarrassed if they are having trouble eating due to swallowing or chewing problems, or if they are having issues holding the utensil due to joint problems. Depression can also cause a senior to not eat. Do not assume that the senior is not hungry, because the odds are that they are hungry and unable to eat for whatever reason.

If your senior loved one is in an assisted living facility in the state of Georgia, make sure to talk to the staff often to see if your senior loved one is finishing their meals or if they are having any issues eating. The senior may not like the food that the assisted living care facility provides them, or it may not be suitable for their diet. You should sit with the senior for a meal or two a week to monitor their eating habits. Usually the family knows what their senior loved one likes to eat and what they do not like to eat. Sometimes family and friends will be able to notice that there is something wrong before a nurse or dietitian notices. Tell the staff members if the senior does not like a certain item or dish that is being served so that they can substitute that item in the future.

Having dinner at the assisted living facility with your senior loved one may help them feel more comfortable eating. Sometimes the dining hall at the facility can be overwhelming. I am sure that a senior feels like they are in middle school again as they sit in the dining hall. Therefore, make sure that your elder is comfortable wherever they may be. If they do not like eating in the dining hall, have them eat in their room. But, make sure that if the senior eats in their room that they attend at least one social activity at the assisted living facility. You do not want your senior loved one to ever begin feeling isolated while in the living center.

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