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Caregivers who work for companies as part of the assisted living in San Diego segment are familiar with elderly people’s activities.  Elderly people enjoy board games, cards, walking, shopping online and watching television.  Caregivers often participate in the activities with elderly people who have assistance.

Board games are popular with elderly people.  Although there are games that may be able to be played by one person, typically these board games are played with a caregiver.  Board games stimulate the mind, help with memory and provide entertainment.  Using the eyes to look closely at the board game pieces and the cards promotes focusing and concentration.

Playing cards is an activity that may be performed by an elderly person.  The solitaire game may be a way for an elderly person to entertain himself while the assisted living caregiver is not in the home.  Other games that use playing cards require deduction, focus, deep concentration and reasoning.  For this purpose, cards are often incorporated in an elderly persons activity plan if created by the caregiver or a social worker.

Walks in the park and around an elderly person’s home with assistance can be a safe way to keep an elderly person physically active.  Being free to travel outside of the home, even with assistance can be a way keeps an elderly person feeling independent.  Even if he or she is wheel chair bound, the ability to go outside is a liberating feeling for an elderly person.   There are sights, smells and sounds outside that test and encourage the senses to continue to remain sharp for an elderly person.  Trees in the fall in the Northeast part of America are a great sight to see.  In California, the weather is typically comfortable and it is not so cold or rainy that there would be a climate concern with regard to an outdoor elder activity, such as walking.

Watching television is likely with an elderly person.  A lot of daytime ratings come from elderly people being retired and not working, with the ability to watch television in the daytime.  The game shows on television are popular among elderly people.  Often the remote control for an elderly person may have larger buttons and be simplified to allow for easy channel selection and volume control.  Television shows have changed throughout the years and the subject matter may be surprising to elderly people.  An assisted living caregiver may be forced to explain things that an elderly person sees on television.  This activity is less stimulating than playing board games or cards.

Shopping online is common among elderly people.  Due to the need to limit or stop driving as a person gets older, people who receive assistance in the home may shop more online than another age group of people.  Elderly people have time to watch the shopping channels and are most likely not working to interrupt the watching of the shopping channels.  Some elderly people are technologically advanced and will use the internet to order things online.  Items that may be purchased include small heaters, electric blankets, fans, televisions, air conditioners, sweaters, clothing items and kitchen aids.

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