Assisted Living in Philadelphia

Activities in Philadelphia assisted living facilities are increasing in nature for seniors living in the metro area. People are living longer and seniors are no longer sitting idly by during their older years. Retired people and seniors living in assisted living facilities may not be able to do it all on their own, but their hobbies and interests are actually growing as their need for assistance with daily living activities may also. Reading and book clubs are just one of the popular activities in assisted living communities in the Philadelphia area. Seniors are able to escape the humdrum of daily life through the imaginative words of an author or through the lives of others written about in biographies. These seniors are able to share what they read and their thoughts on the books that they’ve chosen to entertain them in the book clubs and scheduled meetings with other residents living in their community. Assisted living in Philadelphia used to be thought of for those who were no longer looking for adventure, excitement or an active lifestyle, but that is no longer the case.

Someone who was always into playing sports will enjoy that the assisted living facilities brings that to the senior environment through relays and other modified physical competitions. It is great for those seniors who are still well enough to compete to be able to interact and rally with others on teams of residents. Those who are unable to participate will be able to enjoy the competition from a spectator standpoint. Seniors in assisted living are living. It is not about relaxation all of the time and seniors look for activities and scheduled events to keep them busy. Some seniors residing in assisted living facilities look forward to special meal days when there are a social event afterward to celebrate another resident’s birthday or anniversary. There will be singing, dancing and socializing amongst the residents and people are happy to have such interaction with one another.

The scheduled activities are typically voluntary, but they are strongly encouraged to keep the physical, mental and emotional states of the residents on the right path. Seniors can become depressed, even in an assisted living community, if they are not having enough human interaction. Some older people would rather merely watch the television all day and avoid conversation with the other residents. The assisted living care workers may be some of the only human interaction that a senior gets in a day’s time. For this reason, the care workers in the assisted living facilities in Philadelphia will try to encourage and motivate the senior aged residents to get out of their personal living spaces and get involved with activities in the facility. Some seniors are reluctant to meet new people, so the role of the care worker in the assisted living facility may also include that of companionship. All senior aged residents have different care needs and some are more active than others in their Philadelphia assisted living community.

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