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Info about assisted living in San Diego, CASenility sets in for seniors at different ages.  For some seniors it is earlier in life than for others that he or she will notice that they are unable to remember things which they otherwise had known without hesitation in the past.  In an assisted living San Diego apartment, an older woman is finding a way to remember how to communicate.  Being a first generation American, she was raised to speak another language other than English.  Her native tongue was Serbian, a Slavic language.  In a neighboring apartment in the assisted living community, a Russian woman was speaking a similar language.  The two women would meet and be able to discuss things from their culture and their upbringing in a similar language.

The elderly woman, who had otherwise cared for many children throughout the years and for herself after losing her husband earlier in life, found it difficult at times to find the words to communicate her needs.  Her native language would roll easier off of her tongue, but typically would be of no help to communicate with the English speaking assisted living care workers.  A Russian housekeeper and a Russian neighbor in the assisted living San Diego community would make her feel more comfortable and safer in the community.  It was not easy for the family of the senior aged woman to understand the senility and soon the family would learn that their loved one was suffering from Dementia.  In the times that a family member is suffering from a mental disorder or senior aged related decline in mental awareness, it is difficult to understand.  We must be compassionate to the needs of our senior aged loved ones because you would imagine it is scary to start forgetting things that you once knew or have trouble communicating in a language you had spoken for many years.  Many seniors, like this woman, will often revert back to things from childhood and years past.  It may be that seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease living in assisted living communities are not able to remember the people they are meeting on a daily basis or even people they have known for a few years, but are able to recall people, places, things and memories from much earlier in their life.  Finding a friend, a confidante, someone who a senior can feel comfortable to trust in an assisted living community will make the living experience much more enjoyable and comfortable.

This elderly woman was able to find a friend who spoke a language similar in nature to the language she remembered speaking as a child.  It was comforting to have someone in this San Diego assisted living community who she felt comfortable and easier communicating with.  It is not easy as a family member to see your loved one have a mental decline, but knowing that in the assisted living San Diego community there is a person who your loved one can relate to or form a meaningful relationship with will help to ease the worry and concern.  Assisted living communities in San Diego are filled with residents of many diverse backgrounds and cultures.


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