Assisted Living San Jose

Find senior assisted living in san joseSan Jose assisted living communities have seniors living well into their golden ages.  The colorful lobby of the newly renovated complex was just what I had been looking for while shopping through my choices to help my mom to live a safer, happier senior life.  It felt more like an up-scale apartment complex than that which anyone would believe was an assisted living facility.  The café offered nice, light lunch-time meals and the restaurant was serving chef-inspired dishes.  All of the apartment-style rooms were equipped with a kitchenette and apartment-sized refrigerator.  This place was in fact nice than the house I had grown up in and that my mother currently was having a hard time living in alone.  I guess it was a false impression that I had of an assisted living facility feeling more like a hospital or facility than a home.  I was pleasantly surprised how the residents knew all of the staff on a first name basis and the staff seemed to be just as engaged with the residents.  It didn’t seem to be at all an assisted living care worked and client relationship, but more so seemed like friendships built on trust and mutual respect.  The outside of the assisted living community was landscaped and looked like a pretty flower garden with bright flowers and greenery.  It was an enjoyable place to sit and read or chat with a neighboring assisted living resident.  My mom has been so lonely in her big home all alone; this will be the perfect place for her to maintain her independence while meeting new people in a similar situation and life stage.  I think that I am probably not alone in the impression that assisted living communities are more like a facility.  Until you have visited one, you aren’t really able to form an opinion about what is out there.

Knowing that your senior aged loved one is in need of assistance is the first step, but then exploring your options in your area , like I had  in San Jose, is the next step.  Finally, meeting the people and seeing the communities is the only real way to know if the place will be the perfect fit for all of your senior aged loved one’s care needs.  There is more to an assisted living facility than just the pretty ambiance and décor.  It is also about the staff and the people hired to provide the care.  Don’t be afraid to visit a few times to really observe the caregivers and meet with the assisted living community manager to discuss their views on things which may be important to your loved one or to you.  Making an informed decision will be the only way you will sleep comfortably at night knowing that the decision to move your loved one into that community was the best choice.  While there may be no room for choice in the fact that your mom is in the need for some assistance, there are certainly choices in where she lives to get that assistance.  Be open-minded and take a look the best San Jose assisted living facility may really be a community filled with people that you absolutely love.

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