Assisted Senior Living Michigan

Assisted senior living in Michigan means many options for you, and choices to be made. In Michigan, seniors make up the population with almost 13% over the age of 65. There are several levels of care, amenities and services offered at every level of need for residents or patients.

There are supervised care facilities, which offer full assistance with everything from housekeeping to on-call medical care and panic buttons in every room. A less-structured environment may be a senior living community, in which you have a separate house or apartment, but still have access to an on-site medical facility and housekeeping assistance. There are other facilities that offer a sense of community, with apartments or condominiums in a housing area, which is made up of community members your own age, with similar interests and activities.

One assisted senior living in Michigan option is that of adult foster homes. There are two levels: one for 12 clients or fewer and those for between 12 and 20 residents. They are often government subsidized, and offer assistance and part-time supervision to those people who might not need full-time nursing care, but still require a structured setting.

Modern assisted senior living residences and communities strive to make residents’ experiences as interactive and healthy as possible. A holistic approach may be taken with regards to whole-body care, including nutrition, exercise, counseling and group activities to keep an elderly person active and more in touch with their own health and choices. Less restrictive than senior living experiences in the past, this new approach to senior care has medical services on-site, with nursing care available to answer questions or take care of basic health issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a weej. More intensive care facilities offer panic buttons, on-site physician care, and transportation for doctor or therapist visits.

As with any major life change, you need to take into consideration what level of care you can afford. You might desire a gym on the premises, and housekeeping three times a week, but can you really afford it? Take a good look at your resources, and make a list of what you absolutely must have in an assisted senior living in Michigan. Then narrow the list to those that offer the benefits you desire, and find out exactly what they cost, including entrance fees, monthly rent, facilities assessments. Ask if they have houses, apartments, condos or just rooms available, and what the cost is for each. Find out if there is transportation available, or if you want to keep your own car, if there is parking available and how much extra it costs. Find out if meals come with the monthly fee, or if your stand-alone house is equipped with a full kitchen for you to take care of that independently. If you are a person of faith, ask if services are available onsite or nearby, and if off-site, whether transportation is available to get to church.

The choices and alternatives are many, and a major life decision such as this be made with your family, and careful research to back up your choices.  For a comprehensive look at all your options, visit today!

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