Better Together in Assisted Living

Assisted Living ChecklistWhile we all have opinions and resources to locate assisted living care for our seniors, whom we love so dearly, it is always better together with a trusted source and the fact that it is free makes it even better!  So, you have been trailing around on the internet and making random phone calls to start the process of locating senior care and assisted living facilities in your area, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop shop for all the things which are senior care related and also the assisted living facilities available in just one place?  Well there is such a place and it does not mean that all of your hard work and ideas were done just in vein.  Research is the key to ensuring that you are making an educated and best decision with your senior aged loved one on where they will be spending some of their golden years.

Seniors who need care in an assisted living facility are often transitioning from a living situation where they were fine to be living at home alone, so the transition can be a bit challenging.  The last thing any of us would want is to get our senior aged loved ones keen on the idea of making the move to only have found the wrong assisted living facility for our seniors and need to move them again.

Things you may want to consider in an assisted living facility

  1. Location of the assisted living facility
  2. Ratio of staff to patients
  3. Staff screening procedures
  4. Price of residency at the assisted living facility
  5. Amenities and other facility details

Although you may not be able to live near your senior aged loved one, due to your work location or where you spouse is located for work and if your senior is not up for the idea of moving across the country, you may still find a reliable and trust-worthy assisted living facility.  Here you will not have to worry, as much, about your senior aged loved one staying safe, being cared for and maintaining happiness.  Many seniors just do not consider moving into their children’s homes an option and would like to remain in the city where they have always lived, but it’s nice to know that there are assisted living facilities all over the country.  Just knowing that you are not alone in the world as the only person/ people caring about your senior aged loved one will help to bring peace and end some of your sleepless nights.  It is most important to be proactive about making changes for your senior when their needs are changing, to keep the senior happy and healthy.

Taking your time and deciding when and what is right for your family and your senior aged loved one is a very important part in any senior care plan.  When things are changing and there is a need for senior care, know that you are not alone and it is better to go at it together with a trusted resource for senior care. For assisted living call GeriCareFinder at 1-888.437-4817 and “Pressing 1” for Assisted Living.

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