Residential Nursing Homes

Seniors have many options to choose from when it comes to living arrangements when they have reached a point where they are in need of assistance. Nurses, doctors, and caregivers understand that seniors not only have very unique situations, but also unique wants when it comes to their living arrangements. While one senior may want to live alone, receiving care on a visiting basis, another senior may want to reside in a residential setting, with assistance available at all times. Many seniors, however, feel more comfortable and secure in a residential setting, where they are not only surrounded by aides in the event of a need for assistance, but also individuals in the same stage of life as themselves. This residential setting can be provided through two options; a residential retirement community, or a residential nursing home.

Residential retirement communities provide seniors with a living arrangement very similar to that of an apartment complex. Residents are given their own living quarters, or are given the option to share with another individual. These living quarters consist of a kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. They are also equipped with appliances that you would find in any apartment complex. These include microwave, stove, dish washer, etc. Along with these amenities, residents are also provided with community areas such as a cafeteria, gathering area for social events, and paths that run throughout the grounds.

Residential retirement communities are also staffed with around the clock medical assistance. This includes hospice nurses, registered nurses, and even frequent visits from medical doctors. By staffing individuals who can assist with medical issues, residents can remain confident that they will be receiving the best all around care.

Residential nursing homes are another form of residential living that is available to seniors. The individuals who reside in residential nursing homes have more severe cases than those in residential retirement communities. Residential nursing homes are provided to individuals who can no longer remain living on their own due to their severe need for assistance. Residents are given their bedroom and bathroom, often times sharing with at least one other resident. They are also provided with a community dining area, community gathering room where they are able to watch television and play board and card games with other residents, and activity rooms that allow them to continue with their physical health.

The grounds of residential nursing homes are also provided with nature trails, swimming pools, and sometimes even tennis and basketball courts. All of these areas are provided to the residents in order to maintain the greatest level of mental, physical, and social health possible. Medical staff are also in place at residential nursing homes. The medical staff that is available to residents of nursing homes is often times more intense than those that are available to residents of retirement communities. This is because of the more severe cases nursing homes encounter than retirement communities.

Residential living environments are provided to seniors for many different reasons, but the most common and sought after is the community environment it brings to the residents. It is important for seniors to understand that not only are they not alone when it comes to the level of assistance they may requires on a daily basis, but that they are also not alone socially. There are still many opportunities to remain socially and physically active through living environments such as residential nursing homes.

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