Senior Housing Jacksonville

There comes a time in life when your senior aged loved one may no longer be able to live in his or her home or with family.  This decision can be hard, but there are so many choices of senior housing in Jacksonville and in your city.  Weighing the options usually means determining the level of care your senior will need.  Different facilities and housing will offer different levels of care.  Retirement homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and hospice facilities are just a few types of senior housing which each offers different levels of care for your aging loved one.

Retirement homes are a place where a healthy, older person may choose to spend the later years of life.  It may be for the convenience of a stable and steady cost of living or for a place to live with fewer responsibilities and little or no maintenance or upkeep of a residence.

Assisted living facilities are for your loved one if he or she is seeking an independent living situation, but requires assistance with daily activities.  An assisted living facility is a senior housing option which may provide onsite medical offices for rehabilitation or medical services of the doctoral or clinical type.  Assisted living facilities may have care workers which are able to assist your loved one with preparation of meals in an apartment style of living arrangements.  Many assisted living facilities have a restaurant or supplemental meal option available for your aging loved one if he or she is not able or prefers to no longer prepare meals.

Nursing homes are an available senior housing option for those who require medical or mental assistance in more of a clinical environment.  Often this housing option is for those who are recovering from an illness or a surgical procedure and for those who require around the clock care whether that be for a short or long period of time.

Skilled nursing facilities may have staff available to address specific medical and mental conditions.  Skilled nursing facilities may have wings dedicated to the psychiatric patients and provide tailored care to the needs of the patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Hospice facilities are a place for your family to consider as a housing option when your loved one has reached a point in his or her life that the comfort aspect is most important for maintaining a high quality of life.  Hospice facilities have staff who are trained in the sensitivity in the care nearing the end of one’s life.  You may consider this option or it may be recommended as part of a care plan prescribed by a doctor.

It is an unfortunate situation and often an inevitable thing to have to choose a senior care housing option for your aging loved one.  Although, ideally, the majority of people would love to retire and remain in his or her own home, often this is not feasible or possible. No matter the senior care housing choice your family makes with your aging loved one in Jacksonville or your city, it is important to check several options, be educated in what is available for your aging loved one and speak with senior care advisors with experience for a professional opinion.

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