Who to Call for Assisted Living

assisted living helpSome people with senior aged loved ones, who are in the beginning stages of looking for the right assisted living senior care, are not sure who to call.  If the internet has offered you nothing, but more confusion and choices that you are still unable to make without further assistance like so many of us have experienced, there is a place to turn.  Calling 888-437-4817 and “Pressing 1” for Assisted Living will be the first, best step in locating assisted living in your area.  The choices seem endless and options limitless when searching for assisted living in your area.  For this reason, choosing the right assisted living community for your senior aged loved one can be a difficult choice.  It is sometimes comforting to ask someone to help you with this decision and help with explaining the options available in your area.  Things you may consider when choosing assisted living:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Staff to resident ratio
  4. Memory and other specialized services offered
  5. Amenities or living space

To the untrained eye, choosing between assisted living services and facilities may seem like comparing apples to apples, but in most cases that is simple not true.  To even know the questions you should be asking yourself about senior assisted living; it may take someone who is familiar with the experience of choosing assisted living.  It is as simple as picking up the phone to speak with someone about assisted living for your senior aged loved one.  This may be the first step in finding great assisted living options and the care which is just right for your senior.   Helpful resources to connect you with senior care in your area are a free service and definitely someone who is new to senior care should think about taking advantage of.  It is not easy to know where to turn when you are in that period of your life where you must now assist your senior aged loved one with changes in their care needs.  Things can change rather quickly with your senior aged loved one.  A senior who was perfectly safe to live alone at home is now in the position where things have changed and there is a need for assisted living to ensure your seniors safety and continued high quality of life.  With all of that adjustment and emotions which come along with all of that change, there is a place to call and just get the information you need all in one place.  Many of us wish we had more time to spend researching care options with our seniors, but there is not a need to take time away from the time in which you may share with your loved one when there is a number to call for your assisted living care needs.  Calling 888-437-4817 and “Pressing 1” for Assisted Living will be the first step in the right direction and ensuring the appropriate care for your senior aged loved one in this transition period where care needs are changing and it may be all new to the senior and their loved ones. Call today.


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