How to Find Someone to Care for You, Your Loved Ones or Property


A caretaker is typically employed to look after someone’s estate, property or other assets. In cases where the property-owner is ill, injured, disabled or simply unable to complete necessary tasks for personal care, then a caretaker can also be responsible for looking after the individual as well.

In this sense, the individual can be very similar to a caregiver – someone who has been hired to provide ongoing assisted living services, helping with daily functions such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, administering medications, organizing activities and so on.

If you’re searching for someone to care for you or your loved one, it’s important that you make the decision very carefully. The last thing you want is to hire someone who is unqualified, irresponsible or can’t be trusted. By doing some simple research and asking questions before you make your decision, you’ll find the perfect caretaker who meets your needs exactly.

Here are Some Tips to Help you Find the Perfect Caretaker

1. Identify the key responsibilities.
Start making a list of the daily activities that the person will be responsible for. For example, will their duties be limited to work inside the home, or will it extend to yard work and shopping? Making this list will help you narrow your options by people who are qualified for all the tasks you’ll require.

2. Will a trained nurse be required?
If medications and medical care will be needed, then you’ll want to look for trained nurses through a certified assisted living provider or other healthcare service. You should never hire an unqualified person to handle prescriptions or other tasks that require professional expertise.


3. Ask for a detailed list of experience.
Ask each prospective caregiver to provide a list of their work history: where they worked, for how long, what their duties were, and so on. This should give you a better understanding of their experience and ability to perform the duties you need.

4. Ask for references and verify previous employment.
This is especially important if the person is self-employed, rather than hired through an assisted living agency. Ask them to provide the contact information of previous employers. Then, contact those references to ask questions about the applicant and make sure there were no issues in the past.

5. Make a contract.
An experienced individual will probably have their own contract or work agreement that outlines all the duties you’ve discussed, as well as other terms. Most caregiver agencies will provide this as well. But if not, be sure to request one or make your own. This allows you to put everything in writing, such as wages, hours of work, and responsibilities, to help settle any potential disputes that arise.

Choosing a caretaker can be a difficult and stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Let GeriCareFinder make it easy for you and your loved ones. Use our simple online search tools to find certified, professional caretakers in your area, as well as assisted living facilities, home care services, retirement homes, estate managers and other services.

We’re here to help find the Perfect Caretaker!

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