Caring for Elderly at Home

When it comes time to choose the best form of care for an elder, there are many options provided to you. One of the most commonly chosen options is having them remain in their home. This is where they are most comfortable, most familiar, and most happy. While remaining in their home for care is essentially a good idea, it does take a lot of work and patience. Luckily, there are a few different options for those individuals who make this choice.

Depending on the severity of assistance needed, aid spans from family members taking responsibility of caring for their senior, caring for the elderly at home may require hiring an in home health care provider, who has more access and training in the field of at home care. Let’s take a look at three separate at home care; personal, in home care provider, and in home health care provider.


One of the biggest and most rewarding challenges you will face is making the decision to personally care for the elderly individual in your life. So many individuals take on this responsibility without fully preparing themselves mentally, physically, and financially. Caring for a senior is a full time responsibility, which involves personal care, such as grooming, bathing, and feeding. Depending on the severity of the individual being taken care of, you may have to spend 24/7 with them in order to make sure they are comfortable and taken care of. Because there is so much knowledge that goes into personally caring for an elder, many people seek outside help.

In Home Care Provider

In home care providers are individuals who have studied and professionally work in the field of elder care. They are able to handle tasks from grooming, clothing, meal preparation, and transportation assistance. They are staffed at the convenience of the senior, noting how severe their need for assistance is. Though they are able to help with daily tasks, they are not licensed individuals, so their level of medical assistance is limited.

In Home Health Care Provider

In home health care providers are licensed individuals who are able to care for elderly individuals in the comfort of their own home. Since they are licensed, they are able to assist with medicine distribution, mobility exercises, and even prescriptions. In home health care providers are able to provide more personal and in depth assistance than in home care providers because they are licensed, which gives them the ability to assist with medically-focused assistance.

Caring for an elder in their home is always a full time job, whether you take on the responsibility yourself or decide to hire someone who focuses on that field specifically. It is always important, however, to remember that no matter who the task is delegated to, they do their work with love, respect, and care for the individual at hand. They choose this line of work because they understand the level of happiness and comfort that comes with remaining at home and receiving your care there. And whether they are receiving their care from a close family member or a licensed individual, they understand that you are respecting their wishes and that will fare for a happy caring environment.

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