Caring for Elderly Parents

As children, we understand the sacrifices made and the time spent when it came to our parents caring for us. They made sure our wants and needs came before theirs, and we were always put first. It is because of this understanding that we see clearly they did not do it out of obligation or force, but out of unconditional love. And that is why, when it comes time for the roles to reverse and for our parents to be in need of our help and assistance, we take on that task with love and desire. Though caring for an elderly individual in your home is time consuming and sometimes difficult, there are many resources you can go to that will help in your selfless act of caring for elderly parents.

When first making the decision to care for your elderly parent at home, you’ll want to make sure you have all the proper equipment that will be necessary for them to live comfortably there. Some of this equipment includes:

Hospital Bed

A hospital bed is used to ensure the comfort of elderly individuals. Hospital beds include side rails, ensuring their safety, trapeze bars, making sitting up and lying down easier, and overbed tables, allowing them to receive their meals in the comfort of their bed. They also allow reclining and positioning of the bed, allowing the individual to sit up and lay down with great ease and comfort. Hospital beds can be both purchased or loaned out.

Walking Aids

Walking aids are important when it comes to the mobility of your elderly parent. Walking aids include walkers, scooters, canes, and crutches. Another mobility aid that comes in handy on multi-level homes is lift-chairs. These are used in the assistance of elderly individuals making it up and down the stairs safely. It is also important to consider the installation of a ramp leading into and out of your home. If you live in a single-level home, this allows your elderly parent to maneuver their wheelchair both inside and outside with ease.

Bathroom Equipment

Because tasks such as daily bathing become an issue, installing bathroom equipment such as shower chairs, grab bars, and lifts is important when it comes to the safety and comfortably of your elderly parent. There will be some instances where your parent may not want assistance when it comes to their bathing. This is why the installation of bathroom equipment is so important. It allows your elderly parent to remain in the home under your supervision, but also allows them the freedom they desire in the areas they want it in.

Taking on the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent can weigh on you emotionally. The role reversal of child caring for parent is not always an easy one to handle. It is sometimes hard for a child to see their parent in need of such in depth care. The constant need for assistance also weighs on you mentally and physically. Because of these obstacles, both mental and physical, it is not uncommon to seek outside help, such as counseling or group meetings of other individuals who take part in the same care method as yourself. It is important to understand that you are not alone, and feeling overwhelmed doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate what you are doing for your parent. It simply means you have taken on a very important role in the life of someone very important to you, and you are doing everything you can to make sure they understand that.

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