Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

When a caregiver is caring for some with Alzheimer’s Disease it can be very tough for them. The Alzheimer’s sufferer will experience a great deal during the tough diagnosis and symptoms of the incurable disease, but the caregiver will experience the same amount of upset throughout their loved one’s care. Caregivers will have challenges when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. These challenges can be quite a burden on the life of the caregiver, therefore, finding Alzheimer’s disease care facilities may be the best option for a caregiver.

Since caregivers seem to suffer more than their loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, it is a big realization for a caregiver when their loved one is diagnosed with the disease. Often times we think that our job as a caregiver is to take care of our loved one fully, but remember we must take care of ourselves so that we are able to continue caring for our loved ones. Some things the caregiver should consider is respite care for “breaks” from caring for their loved ones. Respite care will help the caregiver gain more strength, get sleep, get healthy exercise, and enjoy time with friends. This healthy personal time can benefit all caregivers, but especially those who are caring for an Alzheimer’s patient. Adult Day Care services are available to help you with some of the care services for your loved one. They are services for the caregiver that has a job, a caregiver that needs a break, or for the caregiver who believes social interaction, and physical activities will help their loved one’s well-being.

Sometimes caregivers feel guilty when they need to take a break, but caregivers should never feel this way. You may initially feel this way, but knowing that being a responsible healthy caregiver will enhance your ability to care for your loved one will help you make the decision. Caregivers may also feel that they don’t trust senior care facilities, which is perfectly fine. However, do the research, monitor the care being provided, and be responsive to any situations. A responsible caregiver can choose the best care for their loved one and feel comfortable with their decisions. You may feel that no one can care for your aging loved one like you do, and this could be true, but do not limit the possibilities for good changes by feeling this way.

The biggest problem for caregivers is that they feel they cannot afford to get help. They may think that their loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease could benefit from home care nursing, but they may be too afraid that the cost is too high, and they choose not to look into the home care. There are many different ways to pay for senior care services, and a financial advisor may have the best answers for you. Consult with a Medicare Consultant to find out if your loved one can receive Medicare, as many senior care facilities will accept different forms of financial services.

Your loved one may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but you, the caregiver, should not suffer with them. Caring for a loved one is a challenge, but don’t assume that this is the way it has to be. There are many services to help you and your loved ones during this tough aging process.

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