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Adult Day Care Activities

Seniors who choose to remain living in their home have many different options and opportunities when it comes to daily activities. These activities let seniors keep a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially. One of the ways seniors are able to keep an active life is by participating in activities held through adult day care facilities.

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Senior Citizen Day Care

Adult Day Health Care is also known as Senior Citizen Day Care, and is a licensed community-based day care program providing a variety of health, therapeutic, and social services to adults, especially seniors, those at risk of being placed in a nursing home.  The primary objectives of the Adult Day Health Care program are to:

  1. Restore or maintain optimal capacity for self-care to frail elderly persons or adults with disabilities; and
  2. Delay or prevent inappropriate or personally undesirable institutionalization.
  3. The program stresses partnership with the participant, the family, the physician, and the community in working towards maintaining personal independence.
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Senior Day Care Centers

As a  caregiver, you may feel as if you need a break from caring for a senior loved one. There is a lot of stress that goes along with caring for a senior parent. Most stress comes from emotional feelings of sadness, depression, or guilt. So many caregivers feel that they need a break from their caregiving responsibilities, but they do not want to place their senior loved one into a care facility (or they cannot afford to do so). Senior day care centers offer a place for seniors to go to during the day to interact with other seniors, and it gives the much needed break to caregivers who wish to have some “time off”. Caregiving can be a very big challenge, but you must work to be as gentle as possible, even in the most stressful of times, and thankfully senior day care centers allows a caregiver to regroup and continue caring for their senior loved one.

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Adult Day Care Facilities

Adult day care centers can be found in almost city due to the rising population of seniors in the United States. Adult Day Care facilities help seniors and their caregivers by providing a day service for seniors that includes social activities, support services, and assistance. Adult day care facilities often provide a safe atmosphere for seniors that includes just the right amount of care. Most adult day care facilities offer services designed to fit the individual needs of each senior.

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Adult Day Care in North Carolina

With the rising retiree population, there are more Adult Day Care Centers opening in the United States. You are able to find Adult Day Care Centers in almost every state from Adult Day Care in North Carolina to Minnesota Centers. Adult Day Care is structured around seniors social needs, as well as support and assistance.

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Is Adult Day Care Your Answer?

Adult Day Care Centers are designed to provide care and companionship for seniors who need assistance, supervision, or socializing during the day. Their programs offer relief to family members or caregivers and allows them the freedom to go to work, handle personal business or just relax while knowing their relative is well cared for and safe.

The goals of the programs are to delay or prevent institutionalization by providing alternative care, to enhance self-esteem and to encourage socialization. There are two types of adult day care: Adult social day care provides social activities, meals, recreation and some health-related services. Adult day health care offers more intensive health, therapeutic and social services for individuals with severe medical problems and those at risk of requiring nursing home care.

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