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Find Caregiver

When you’re looking to find a caregiver for a senior in need, you first need to know what you’re looking for.  Things may seem normal on the outside, and some changes are barely noticeable.  Once in a while we all forget details or put things off, but when a pattern develops, it may be serious.  Remember, dementia (mental deterioration) is not a normal part of aging.  Sharpen your observational skills, and look for patterns within the following key areas:

Basic tasks – difficulty in walking, dressing, talking, eating, cooking, climbing steps or managing medications.

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Dementia Care Givers

Those who are dementia care givers know the many challenges you’re facing, like losing your privacy, worrying, assisting with daily living, filling the long hours, coping with new expenses, grieving in anticipation of watching someone you love change, and family-work stress, just to name a few of the stressors.

Please know that feeling like you’re taken for granted as a caregiver is incredibly common. Surveys indicate that more than half of all regular and especially dementia caregivers feel this way, and these understandable feelings are also stressors. What also adds stress is the feeling like you’re needlessly and unrightfully complaining when you legitimately feel this way.  Here are some ways to cope with the fact that, especially for dementia caregivers, appreciation isn’t always in abundance:

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Caregiver Live In

When you’re trying to decide and then locate a live in caregiver to help care for an aging senior or loved one, you’ll most likely be making decisions between agencies and service plans.  However, making sure that the caregiver is the best possible match and fit is just as important, as they will become an important part of your loved one’s life, as well as yours, on a daily basis.

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Senior Caregiver Responsibilities

Doctors, caregivers, and the person receiving care all have one thing in common: they see each other quite often. When a caregiver is caring for a loved one, it is necessary to take the senior to see their doctor for many reasons. As we age, we require more medical assistance due to illnesses, diseases, or common check-ups. It is often the caregiver’s responsibility to take their loved one to see a physician. If your loved one is receiving home healthcare or homecare, it is a good idea for the caregiver to be present as often as possible during physician visits. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the senior caregiver to take their loved one to see a specialist with the proper training and skills to assess certain illnesses or serious conditions.

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Connecting with Caregivers

Connecting with senior caregivers can help you when you are stressed, need to talk with someone, or may need guidance as you care for an aging loved one. Many groups are available for caregivers, and each state has an Area Agency for Aging that a caregiver can use as a resource. If your loved one has a disease or illness, you may need to find a support group to help you. Some caregivers will find it hard to accept the changes happening in their life, and some may need a friend. This is common for caregivers as many do not understand a lot about the disease, why they are an essential part of their loved one’s journey, and the resources they need during this difficult time. Often, seniors and aging adults may experience an illness or disease and this will affect the entire family. If your loved one is suffering from heart disease, you are not alone. Nearly 80 million adults suffer from a cardiovascular disease each year in the United States.

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Emotional Caregiving

When caring for someone you love, it is best to keep your anger at a minimum. Often, we find that anger can prevail when we are caring for someone we love, especially someone with a difficult disease, stroke survivor, or an Alzheimer’s disease sufferer. Caregiving can be a very big challenge, but you must work to be as gentle as possible, even in the most stressful of times.

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