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Exploring Art as a Senior: The Many Benefits of Crafting for the Elderly

Approximately 8.5% or 617 million of the global population is over the age of 65, and that’s growing at an unprecedented rate. Based on current projections that number is expected to expand to 17% or 1.6 billion of the global population by the year 2050. As the next wave of senior-aged baby boomers hits the Western hemisphere, concerns arise regarding their health, happiness, and the quality of their golden years.

Modern technology enters the ring here by providing simple solutions with the aid of coloring therapy apps and mandalas found on Apalon Apps for Android. But how can online coloring help boost the quality of life for our aged loved ones?

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Important Health Warnings For Seniors

All the advancements in modern medicine have led to longer, healthier lives for many Americans. Unfortunately, living in this age of such rapid advancement can be perilous. Although agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exist for the sole purpose of protecting consumers from such hazards, important safety information can still slip through the cracks.

While the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are skilled in marketing and distributing the next best drug therapy or device, it can take years after a product’s release—after patients have essentially served as a large-scale clinical trial—before the real problems are known.

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Senior Health Fitness Programs

Physical fitness and good nutrition can be the regime for good health. This combination is the balance between what someone puts into their body and their daily activities. Senior health fitness programs offer a healthy outlook on senior activity and diet.

Managing weight and energy can help a senior gain strength. For a healthier well being, seniors choose programs designed for the senior body and mind. Fitness to seniors may not mean running for miles or doing pilates, however, daily activity fitness is essential for a healthy mind and body. Fitness activities can help a senior lose weight by burning calories, or it can help tone the muscles. For seniors, fitness is not about looking good, it is about feeling good.

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Dental Care for Seniors

Aging can cause a number of oral health problems, so staying on top of dental care for seniors is vital. While simple ageing alone doesn’t cause teeth to become diseased and fall out, simple things like arthritis can make brushing teeth difficult, which then has a snowball effect when it comes to dental health.

Oral Health Issues Seniors May Encounter

  • Tooth loss can happen from a number of problems including gum disease and root decay. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque (which can happen if you can’t brush your teeth thoroughly due to arthritis). The condition is made worse by food buildup, tobacco products, and some diseases like diabetes and cancer.
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Walking Programs For A Senior

Walking is great exercise at any age, but for seniors, walking programs for a senior are an easy way to keep weight off, keep the cardiovascular system in top shape, and frankly, getting some fresh air never hurt anybody, no matter what your age.

The importance of staying physically active in one’s senior years cannot be overstated.  It keeps weight off, lowers bad cholesterol levels, increases good cholesterol levels, lowers your blood pressure, helps keep blood sugar and diabetes under control and emotionally, it lowers stress levels.  This latter benefit speaks to a holistic approach to health care that has additional benefits; your emotional health plays a large part in your physical well being, and walking is an outstanding way to round out the whole health picture.

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Congestive Heart Failure Nursing Care Home Health

If your senior loved one had congestive heart failure, they may need nursing care home health services. Homecare services help a senior who has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure, but needs to be at home to receive care. Some seniors may not need homecare services, so it is important for the caregiver, to know how to care for the senior. Seniors may be able to live at home after having congestive heart failure, but they will need to know the best ways to keep their health and well-being.

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Help Depressed Seniors

Depression can occur in people of any age, but to help depressed seniors, it is important to understand the factors contributing to the condition. It is also vital to know and recognize the signs of depression in seniors. Only by comprehending the causes and noticing the outward signs can you help the elders you love cope with and overcome depression.

So what causes depression in seniors? There can be any number of contributors. Sometimes, it is simply a change in the brain chemicals that occur during the aging process. Suffering from an illness, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, can also lead to depressed feelings. If the time has come to transition from independent living to an assisted living facility or nursing home, the loss of autonomy can lead to sadness and mood changes.

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Senate Bill Helps Aging Baby Boomers Stay in Workforce

Retirement trends could create a U.S. labor shortage of 4.8 million workers in 10 years. Although many of today’s senior citizens find it is tough to find employment it may get a little easier is a new Senate bill passes. The bi-partisan bill has been introduced in the Senate to prevent projected dramatic declines in the workforce following the retirement of the baby boomers. It will provide incentives and eliminate barriers for older Americans wishing to stay in the workforce longer, and encourage employers to recruit and retain older workers.

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Senior Eye Care Fresno

Eye exams are especially important for seniors. Since older adults are at a higher risk for eye problems and diseases, seniors should have eye exams regularly. Early detection and treatment can reduce any risk of blindness or further eye complications. Routine eye exams and senior eye care in Fresno is important for each senior and aging California adult.

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Healthy Hygiene for Seniors

Seniors may not remember to do certain hygiene tasks as they age, therefore it is important for the caregiver to monitor their loved ones daily tasks. You should not frequently ask your loved one if they have combed their hair, or brushed their teeth, because this will make them feel embarrassed. If you suspect that your senior loved one is not taking proper steps towards healthy hygiene for seniors, you will need to step in to help.

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