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Senior Caregiver Responsibilities

Doctors, caregivers, and the person receiving care all have one thing in common: they see each other quite often. When a caregiver is caring for a loved one, it is necessary to take the senior to see their doctor for many reasons. As we age, we require more medical assistance due to illnesses, diseases, or common check-ups. It is often the caregiver’s responsibility to take their loved one to see a physician. If your loved one is receiving home healthcare or homecare, it is a good idea for the caregiver to be present as often as possible during physician visits. Sometimes, it may be necessary for the senior caregiver to take their loved one to see a specialist with the proper training and skills to assess certain illnesses or serious conditions.

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Coughing Can Be Fatal

Coughing seems a harmless, common tickle in our throat that we can’t avoid sometimes. But, is that cough something more serious? Some say to ignore the common cough, but others say not to ignore this. Coughing is due to something irritating the respiratory tract. Sometimes a food we ate, a smell in the air, a change in climate, or a simple fragrance perfume can trigger a tickle in our throat causing us to cough. It could also be a dust, a cold, or mucus that irritates us. Clearing the airways is important because invasive bodies in the lower respiratory system can harbor bacteria that can cause pneumonia.

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Smoking in Long-Term Care Facilities

Currently, there are laws which allow designated smoking areas in senior care facilities. Many facilities are choosing to ban smoking all-together in their establishments. In a study, over 36 million Americans smoked: 22% of those aged over 45 years old and 9% are over the age of 65. Older Americans that smoke may want to age in a facility offering a designated smoking area.

There are no safe levels of secondhand smoke, and there is a higher risk of a fire starting if smoking is allowed on the premises. Nursing Home fires are the most common residential fires, so many nursing homes have banned smoking completely to help avoid fires.

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