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A New Year a New Walk In Tub For You

Walk in bath tubsAs the New Year approaches many seniors and their families are thinking about how this year can be even better than the last.  In Detroit, many homeowners are thinking about upcoming renovations and for seniors these renovations and remodeling can mean a better quality of life.  As a younger adult we are typically remodeling to make things in our home aesthetically pleasing and things that we like just because it suits our fancy.  As we age, our focus may change from not only having new and nicer things in our homes, but also adding things to increase the quality of senior life.  Understanding what you like and want is something that comes with personal preferences we establish over time.  Now with all of the options in home remodeling, a senior can have things that look nice and serve them daily promoting a better quality of life.  A walk-in bathtub may be the first investment into a better quality of life to consider.

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Staying and Aging in New York

There are ways for a New York senior to age in place and remain in their own home longer. Modifying the home is one of the best ways to remain living at home longer.  There are many ways to customize and personalize your home based on your individual style and preference.  When home modification is in relation to senior care and seniors living at home longer, these home renovations are not just for personal style or preference, but rather are for safety and maintaining a high quality of life.

Home renovations and modifications to age in place

  1. Handrails
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Home Exterior Repair For Seniors

When considering exterior home repair for seniors, whether you’re helping the folks or still able to do it yourself, you want to know if it makes sense economically, functionally, and esthetically.  These are the exterior home repairs that we think make the most sense for seniors:

  • Caulk all your doors and windows regularly to stop air leakage.  Windows – If you have single pane glass windows with old fashioned storm windows on the outside consider changing the window sash to an insulated glass sash. You do not rip out the old frames saving the cost of exterior or interior modifications. The windows will be more energy efficient and look better and this modernizes your home.
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Heating Duct Repair for Seniors

Breathing can often be more difficult for seniors with declining or poor health.  Often times the cause is dust in their own home, which is being circulated by the heating system or air conditioner.  Heating duct repair for seniors may be avoided if simple air duct cleaning is conducted every two or three years for a healthier home. Since the worst indoor air contamination occurs in the winter time when the house gets closed up and very little fresh air enters for three to six months, the time to clean your air and heating ducts and change filters is now.

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Repairs For Seniors

Many ducted heating systems have problems with animal penetration, most generally caused by rats, or sometimes caused by possums. The damage can often be extensive and the first time seeking repair for seniors, they often discover the problem in the winter when the system gets turned on for the first time, and they find there is either no airflow or very poor airflow – or dreadful odors are emitted from the system.  This is when the heating ducts would need repair, or in extreme cases, heating system replacement.

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