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Disabled Home Care

There are many seniors who have limited means because of a disability, but still wish to remain living independently. This remains a possibility through disabled home care. Disabled home care closely resembles home health care, but differs in certain assistance which  they provide. We’ll take a deeper look at disabled home care, the services it provides, and in what ways it differs from home health care.

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Scooters For Elderly

Scooters for the elderly are a great way to help prevent falls for an aging senior, whether indoors or outdoors.  Different risk factors contribute to indoor and outdoor falls among the elderly and these differences should be incorporated into fall prevention or mobility-assist i.e., scooter programs.

A recent study found those who fell indoors had inactive lifestyles, more physical disabilities, took more medications, and had lower cognitive function (or thinking skills) than those who fell outdoors.  The elderly who fell outdoors were generally younger than those who fell indoors, and were more likely to be male and better educated, and had lifestyles that indicated better health.

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