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Time Will Tell For Senior Care

Helping seniors in needThe funny thing about senior care is that there really is no timeline or particular time when a senior will need it.  One day a senior is full capable, safe and happy to be alone at home, but it seems like that can all change in nearly an instant.  The need for senior care can come when you least expect it.  A senior aged loved one may come down with what seems like the common cold or a simple ache or pain, but then it leads to much more by way of a decline in health, causing the senior to need more assistance than before.  Seniors who are able to cook for themselves, clean their homes, take out the trash, manage their medications and things are not really in the need for much if any home care, but there are seniors who without any warning seem to have completely different needs. If you senior aged loved one is staying in the hospital for a few days after suffering from an illness, there is a good possibility that even after being released from the hospital will remain weak and tired for a period of time and need more help than before the illness.

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Caring for seniors who are suffering from cancer

People are living longer and this is a good thing. It does have its challenges however: long life does not necessarily equal quality of life, and the unfortunate truth is that the longer a person lives, the greater the chances they have of contracting cancer.
The dreaded “C”-word
Nearly everyone knows someone who has or has had cancer. However, cancer research means that people who, decades ago, may have died from the illness, are now living longer thanks to new treatments. Again, this is a good thing. But cancer treatments can be hugely debilitating, meaning that the person undergoing the treatment needs a great deal of looking after. This can place a huge burden on the family member or care provider.
Growing old, of course, causes its own problems, ones that may be exacerbated by cancer. Aging can result in a person being less able to look after themselves such as not keeping themselves clean, being unable to cook, or forgetting things they do need to remember. A senior person may also want to maintain his or her independence and not appreciate what might seem to be interference from someone else. But this just deals with the physical aspect of aging; there are psychological and emotional aspects to aging as well.
Older people often have concerns that younger people do not. For example, they may be concerned about being a burden to their loved ones which can make them anxious and less eager to admit to needing help. They may be worried about their own dependents, like their pets. More significantly, older people may experience forms of dementia that can make them difficult to treat if they have cancer.
Finding resources and help
Fortunately, help is available for both the person suffering from cancer and the person who acts as their care provider, from cancer research institutions with a significant focus on caring for patients. Such institutions are best able to care for people when there is complete openness between the parties, and it is important for care providers to remember that the relationship is two-way. If you are unsure about treatment or care, then make sure you ask the questions that are on your mind. Being informed about the options and treatments open to the senior who has cancer could help alleviate other concerns.
Of course, doctors and nurses cannot be on hand all the time and a care provider will need to take on some of the duties. These may include ensuring medication is taken at the correct times, keeping an eye on symptoms, and maintaining communication with the medical team. There are also non-medical duties that a care provider can take over, such as managing household finances and medical insurance.
When a senior family member becomes ill with cancer, often the whole family becomes involved. Families can help to make cancer less overwhelming by making donations to research and simply being there for their suffering relatives.

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Use it or Lose it

Flashcards 2As we age, if we are not staying sharp minded, we are losing our ability to remember and retain information.  Memory loss is a common problem among the seniors we love.  There are things that seniors can do to keep their minds sharp and memory strong. Rebecca Singer has developed flash cards, 100 words a day, to assist seniors.  Just like with any part of our minds and bodies, training and strengthening is the key to have the best mind at any age.  Making the use of our memory a daily part of our lives may become a passing notion as we age.  Call Rebecca at 914-563-6939 or visit for this new, invaluable senior care product.

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Neglect of Seniors

Compassionate senior care prevents neglectIt is not intentional that some Southern California seniors are being neglected.  When all of the immediate family has traveled away from the elder or lives without daily contact or interaction with their senior aged loved one, there is a possibility that he or she is being neglected.  When people think of senior abuse it is definitely neglect that is the least thought of form of senior abuse.  Most people think that it will be easy to ensure, so long as strangers or those we don’t know aren’t caring for a senior, there is no risk for senior abuse.  A senior is thought to be safe in many cases when they are not interacting with other people outside of the family.  No one can harm the senior physically, mentally or physically when there is not engagement with the senior.  Without help or assistance from anyone a senior’s needs may not be being met.  Neglecting the needs of a senior, even without knowing is somewhat abusive.  Most people would not intentionally abuse a senior, especially someone they love, but there is that situation where even the most attentive, caring adult child of an elderly parent may miss some signs that a senior needs help or should no longer live alone.  Watching for signs that a senior needs help with daily living or making the regular checks in to really see how a senior is living will prevent the even accidental neglect.

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Senior living choices in Phoenix Arizona

Find quality senior adult day care in Phoenix or ScottsdaleAdult day care in Phoenix may be the best option when a senior you love is living with you and you must keep living and working in Arizona.  I know that we all wish that we could be there full time for our seniors when they have a need, but the truth of the matter is that in most situations the adult children must continue to work and manage their own lives in addition to caring for a senior aged loved one.  For this reason adult day care is an amazing option for those adults with parents who are not able to stay at home safely while people are out of the house.  It is a difficult decision to determine when Mom or Dad should begin living with you.

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Senior Living in Los Angeles

Senior Living Los AngelesIn Los Angeles seniors are helping seniors with personal security awareness and scam protection.  Online you are able to find a wealth of resources with regard to guarding your personal information.  This is not something that many people think to talk about with their aging loved ones, but seniors are making other seniors aware of the scams and potential fraud situations which are happening across the country every day.  Finding a way for seniors to safe guard their personal information used to be as simple as looking after your pocketbook, wallet or purse.  It is not as simple as that any longer.  Seniors are being solicited daily for new offers and other promotional marketing which may potentially open them up to scams and sharing of their personal information.  When personal information is leaked into the wrong hands, the senior may lose his or her identity to a thief.  Seniors in senior support and social groups are getting together to share stories and tell their tales of how they were targeted and what they did to combat a scam.  Reminding your loved ones to protect themselves is important.  Unfortunately, as many people who are out to assist and help the elderly there are some who are looking to take advantage of a senior aged person.  Tips to help your senior protect himself:

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San Jose Senior Living

As we age we start to feel life in our bones.  It is no mystery that the cold and dampness of many states can increase the amount of aches and pains we feel as we get older.  One of the many great things about San Jose senior living, is that the weather is without the humidity and dampness.  Some seniors begin to feel the aches and pains earlier in life.  Past injuries, torn muscles and arthritis in the joints and bones will often remind us of all of the life we have lived.  Being a senior and having the option to move can mean less pain and be better for your health or at least promote a more active lifestyle.  Thinking back to all of the memories that contributed to our lives and the aches and pains we may feel are attributed to accomplishments and milestones we have reached.  Stress from years of working on the mind and body or a life of a physically demanding job, which may leave us achy in our later years, can be a daily reminder of all that we have done.  Places that seniors may feel the aches and pains of just growing older:

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Oak Park Seniors

Find quality senior care in Oak ParkSummers in Oak Park, IL means enjoying the mild, beautiful summer weather and community get together.  Many family members will be back in town to visit their senior aged loved ones in the places they live, like Illinois.  Grandma and Grandpa may not see their grandchildren but maybe a few times a year and typically when school is on a break, like in the summer.  It is important to spend quality time with the seniors we love, but an important factor in senior visits, which some of us will overlook, is that we must evaluate the senior care needs when we are spending time visiting.

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Senior Care in San Francisco

Compassionate senior care in San FranciscoPleasing the impossible –to-please senior aged loved one can be a trip!  Senior care in San Francisco is abundant, but you may need to travel through a few companies, products and senior care options until you find what is just right for your senior aged loved one.  You are sure to anger your senior at some point along the trip if he or she is a stubborn person or headstrong older loved one.  Just knowing that everything that you are planning, trying, hiring and doing is coming from a place of love that will make it all worth it; to both of you.

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Senior Care Jacksonville | When Is It Time

Some Jacksonville seniors are simply past the point of caring for themselves.  When it becomes time to change into caregiver mode, it is not easy for adult children.  Senior care in Jacksonville is a viable option in a senior care plan that adult children can use as a means to keep a part of them just the child of an elder.  Shifting your thinking is difficult.  When you have been listening to your senior aged loved one for all of your life and the time comes that your word, ideas thoughts or opinions may actually be more valid and makes more sense it is scary sometimes.  At thirty years old I just started to ‘push back’ or disagree with my Grandmother.  It was not easy.  I have always been her little helper and she was one of the disciplinarians in my life.  She started to make clouded decisions and not thinking through the decisions she was making to the end result and I knew that it was time to switch from Granddaughter/ Grandmother mode to caregiver and concerned adult mode.  She and my Grandfather have enjoyed so many years together just mainly caring for each other and only listening to the opinion of the other.  Now, it is up to the family to ensure that they are making the best decisions.  Senior care is necessary to ensure their safety and well-being.  Seniors just most of the time do not realize the changes in their thinking, mental capacity, physical health and medical condition.  They will feel as if things should remain the same as they always had been.  I on the other hand, knew that although it would be difficult ‘telling them what to do’ would now be necessary.

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