Check your Checks

Taking financial precautionsFor most people in their senior ages their homes in Orange County have always been a place for safety, security and peace.  As our seniors age, the people who enter their homes to care for them should be the most trustworthy, reliable of people.  It often times takes many professionals to help care for a senior aged loved one when they are living in their home in their later ages.  Gardeners, home care workers, house cleaners and home nurses are in the Orange County homes of many seniors.  Hiring a reputable company with reliable and truthful employees is most important.

Financial planning includes first checking your senior’s finances, which is the best way to notice right away that something may have gone missing.  Securing important financial documents can also be a way to ensure the financial safety for your senior.  Ways to protect your senior from financial abuse:

  1. Secure financial documents
  2. Don’t leave cash lying around
  3. Pay attention to the senior’s finances
  4. Know who has access to financial information
  5. Ask your senior to be cautious about finances.

A small safe in the home of your senior can really be a financial blessing and save your family from a lot of hardship and trouble. Seniors are unfortunately, abused financially by those whom they may have previously trusted or by a person in their Orange County home who was hired to care for them. For this reason, securing financial documents can prevent a senior’s financial information from getting into the wrong hands. It is very unfortunate that a senior may become victim to financial abuse, but there is a need for concern and caution. Financial documents which should be secured and protected include bank statements, social security and other identification documents, credit card statements, tax information and checkbooks or credit/ debit cards. Many seniors come from a day when cards and checks were not the method in which people used to purchase things. For this reason, some seniors are insistent that their money should remain in their home and in cash. Leaving cash lying around or within the reach of anyone can be asking for trouble. It may not be the person working in your senior’s Orange County home who actually financially abuses or steals from the senior, but a home care worker may share the information about large amounts of cash in the home with others. If the information about cash in the home makes it to the wrong person that could be a potential threat for your senior aged loved one. Keep cash out of sight and out of the reach of just anyone. Purchasing a safe can help to safeguard financial documents, information, cards, checks and cash. Making sure that your senior understands that there is a very real possibility that not everyone has the best intentions and to be cautious about who the senior shares their financial information with will also lessen the likelihood of financial abuse. Find out what about your senior aged loved ones finances, pat attention to their finances, help seniors to safeguard their information and please beware that financial abuse is a real problem and there are preventative measures to ensure your senior’s safety.

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