How to Choose an Assisted Living Facility in Los Angeles

choosing los angeles assisted livingLos Angeles has so much to offer.  The streets are lined with stores and attractions.  Choosing an Assisted Living Facility in Los Angeles takes careful planning.  It is often about the location, but other times the amenities and sometimes it is just really being able to maintain the lifestyle in which the senior is accustomed to.  Restrictions and permissions are one of the first things to consider in selecting an Assisted Living Facility.  Your senior doesn’t want to sign up to live somewhere where he or she will be without many of the things that they love.


Restricted/ Permitted items in Assisted Living Communities:

  1. Outdoor grilling
  2. Pets
  3. Cars
  4. An amazing personality (too much or not enough)
  5. Medical Care

Most assisted living facilities will not be permitted to offer any medical care, but it is important to know the facility’s policy on home nursing care in assisted living facilities.  Should your senior move into an assisted living facility with no medical conditions or ailments, but need the services of an independent or outside nursing home care service it will be important to know if the assisted living facility would permit this.  With Los Angeles being so dry many times and the fire risk high, many apartment complexes and assisted living facilities may restrict or permit the use of outdoor grills.  If this is something which a senior would like to have to be able to use, please check the restrictions carefully when choosing an assisted living facility.  Pets are a big part of many senior’s lives.  Often this is a senior’s only regular companion.  Some assisted living facilities allow pets and some restrict the kind of pet or size of the pet.  If pets are important to a senior the assisted living facilities rules on pets should be considered.

Not all assisted living facilities allow automobiles on the premises.  Some seniors may be able to find an assisted living facility with automobile accessibility and this may be necessary for a senior who is still driving.  Many assisted living communities in Los Angeles are offering alternative means of transportation for their senior aged residents.  It may seem strange to wonder if the assisted living community and the residents and staff must like you’re senior to allow he or she to live there, but many assisted living communities offer a code of conduct or restriction in what is acceptable within the facility.  Some communities reserve the right to ask a senior to leave if he or she doesn’t end up fitting in well with the community.  It is important for a senior to maintain a similar lifestyle in most cases in the assisted living community as he or she had before moving in.  For this reason, be sure to check out what is restricted, forbidden and permitted at the various assisted living facilities in the city of Los Angeles and outlying areas.  There are certainly many options in assisted living for seniors in the Los Angeles area.  It just takes a bit of time to research and determine which is the best fit.

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