Christian Senior Living Communities

If you are a Christian senior, you might not know that there are Christian senior living communities with services and amenities that are in keeping with your faith, and that of like-minded community members. They are an excellent alternative to other senior living situations that might not offer Christian worship services, or counseling, or Christian-based activities and excursions.

As with any senior living situation, you need to decide a few things before committing to a serious life change. Can you afford the payments on a community that offers what you are looking for? Are you active, or do you require assistance with day-to-day tasks? Are you looking for a place that offers on-call medical assistance and perhaps an on-site medical center for generalized care? Are you looking for a place that offers a community-type setting, where there are group activities and planned trips? Are you willing to forego a little privacy to feel more connected to people your own age? Are you ready to give up your home, which you may have had in your family for a very long time?

Christian senior living communities often offer such amenities as nursing care, housekeeping and prepared meals. Another plus is that often they are not-for-profit organizations, which may mean they are more affordable and within your means. If you are interested in finding a place that keeps your faith foremost in mind, you can find a wealth of information on the Internet. Some sites, like, offer search options for region, and some offer searches by denomination, so you can find your faith represented in your community, or in a new town. Baptists, Catholics, Episcopalians, Mennonites, Methodists and those of the Jewish persuasion can find out if their particular faith offers senior living facilities in your area, with a simple Internet search. Ask at church, too, what other seniors are doing about their living situations and what alternatives they’ve considered in the Christian community.

No matter what your faith, assisted living can come with a prohibitive expense. Carefully assess your finances and your ability to pay for such a set-up in the future, and then weigh which services and/or amenities are must-haves for you. When you have made a list of potential facilities, ask about extra charges and what they will cover, including meals, physician or nursing care, transportation, gym membership, and outside excursions or extra trips with your community members. Ask about the entrance fee, what monthly rates are, if there is financial assistance available and what different housing options may be (apartments, houses, or condos). What do they offer in the way of faith-based services? Are there on-site services, Bible study, and a pastor available on the premises? There are a wealth of Christian senior living communities that may be right for you, it’s just a matter of doing your research and finding the perfect fit.

If possible, make these decisions sooner rather than later. As your medical or mental health may be compromised as you get older, your ability to make these hard choices for yourself will not get any easier. Talking to your spiritual advisor and family can help you make this important choice.

For a complete listing of Christian senior living facilities in your area, visit today.

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