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Individuals who have chosen to take on the responsibility of caring for a senior may not always have every moment available in their day. Obligations such as work, meetings, appointments, and so on are still a reality, even for care providers. This is why adult day care establishments have been created. Adult day care centers provide daily assistance with caring for a senior. Adult day care centers provide both on and off site activities for seniors. Some on site activities include board games, movies, community meals, and walks around the grounds. Some off site activities include shopping outings, movies, off grounds meals, and off grounds walks through nature trails. Participation in both on and off site activities is based on the ease of mobility of the senior, along with family consent.

Adult day care center availability, along with many aspects of elder care, does vary by geographic location. Here we will focus on adult day care centers that are available to residents in and around Detroit, Michigan.

Seniors Activity Center is an adult day care center located in Detroit, MI. SAC Adult Day Care, Inc. runs programs through their establishment which are provided in order to give the best alternative care for seniors who are otherwise cared for by their families and/or friends. SAC Adult Day Care, Inc was established in 1995 in order to provide additional assistance to seniors receiving at home care, along with relief for the caregivers, in order for them to continue to maintain their daily obligations. SAC Adult Day Care, Inc offers physical, mental, and social opportunities for their daily clients, in order to keep them as healthy, fit, and active as possible. This is achieved through daily activities such as math and reading, group outings, and exercise classes.

Catholic Services of Macomb is a non-profit organization in Detroit, MI that offers many services, including adult day services. Catholic Services of Macomb was established in 1957 with the goal of providing faith-based assistance in all areas of family. Beginning in 1984, Catholic Services of Macomb began providing services to elderly individuals. Supervised, adult day care activities were among these services. Some of the focused areas of elder care are respite, in home care, and companionship services. is a website that allows you to simply enter in basic information into a database, and you are provided with adult day care centers in the area that you request. They take it even one step further and allow you to even request specific elder care categories, such as home care, home health care, and other areas.

Though availability and even programs offered at adult day care facilities differ due to geographic location, the purpose and ultimate goal of adult day care services is universal. They offer assistance to home care providers in order for them to remain capable of performing and accomplishing everything on their daily schedule. Adult day care workers understand the daily responsibilities home care givers take on. This is why they are there to lend a helping hand whenever they are needed.

Senior Adult Day Care Centers

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