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Seniors who receive in home care are provided with much assistance on a daily basis. These assistances include daily grooming, meal preparation, transportation, and companionship. These daily assistances provide seniors with help in areas where they are in need of it while allowing the freedom and independence of living on their own. Another daily assistance that is provided is the delivery of prepared meals. Because not all seniors receiving in home care request the same daily tasks to be taken care of, the delivery of prepared meals is available to those seniors who prefer not to have another individual cooking in their home.

Senior's are provided with healthy, full, nutritious meals that are served directly to them at their home. Seniors also have the option to order their meals frozen; allowing them to cook them at their convenience, already cooked; having the meal prepared as it is delivered, or even cooked in their home by a meal delivery chef. Seniors can choose how often meals are delivered to them, ranging anywhere from a one time event, to being delivered on a daily basis.

Meal delivery plans, just like most aspects of elder care, differs by geographic location. So let's take a look at meal delivery in Detroit, MI.

Meals on Wheels Association of America is the nation's largest meal delivery provider. There are over 5,000 Senior Nutrition Programs in the United States that deliver food for seniors who remain at home and are in need of meal delivery. Along with serving seniors in the privacy of their own home, MOWAA also conducts community meal delivery services by providing senior centers with occasional meal deliveries. MOWAA is sure to include nutritional meals that will allow seniors to continue eating healthy while receiving the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis.

Emerald Food Service is another meal delivery provider located in Detroit, MI. Emerald Food Service is a privately owned company and delivers food to not only seniors who are homebound, but also community centers and churches where seniors may meet socially. This service allows seniors who may not be homebound to enjoy healthy, nutritious meals in community settings.

Meal delivery for seniors not only provides pre-cooked meals for homebound seniors. They also make sure to include all necessary nutrition and vitamins in order to be sure that seniors are continuing to eat healthy and take care of their bodies through food. Meal delivery for seniors provides just another aspect of assistance that is available to seniors who choose to remain living at home.

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