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If you are a caregiver to a senior loved one, you know how hard it is to juggle life with your family and taking care of an elderly family member. Over 20% of all households in America have at least one caregiver to an elderly family member, and a majority of the caregivers are age 50 and older. Therefore, a caregiver has numerous responsibilities such as work during the day, assisting their family with household activities, as well as taking care of a senior. That is a lot of responsibility for one person without any breaks, as a senior ages each day and there symptoms of aging are more and more prevalent each day. A caregiver has a huge heart, and they need to care for their senior loved one, however the caregiver should consider taking a break once in a while.

There are many options for senior care, and one option could include Adult Day Care Centers. These centers offer an opportunity for the caregiver to have their senior loved one stay in a safe environment while the caregiver works or needs a break from caring for a loved one. The center also offers rehabilitation for seniors including physical and occupational services. There are also exercise routines, movies, meals, and games for the senior to actively participate in. If your senior loved one has any illnesses or diseases, the adult care center will make sure to provide the necessary healthcare while the senior is at the day center.

The Adult Day Care Center offers an opportunity for the senior to become socially active and more aware of their community. The senior who lives at home, may not be getting the socially interaction that seniors need. Every person as they age should have some type of interaction with others so that they do not get depressed. A senior that is depressed can suffer from diseases and illnesses more frequently and they may be at-risk for suicide behavior. Therefore, if your senior loved one is living alone or needs more social interaction in their life, you should have them attend Adult Day Care during the day in order for them to start interacting with other seniors.

Senior Adult Day Care Centers

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The Lighthouse of Houston - Houston

Elderly adult day care houston senior texas TX
  • 3602 W Dallas St.
  • Houston, TX 77019
  • (713) 284-8494


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The Seniors Place Inc. - Houston

Adult Day Care Houston Texas
  • 2714 Joanel St
  • Houston, TX 77027
  • (713) 552-0420