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As a senior ages, they will start thinking about their next steps in life. The next step is often a huge decision that will affect the rest of the elderly persons life. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what care types to look for, where to decide on senior care housing, and what services will best fit the needs of the aging senior. As a geriatric care manager may help you decide on the best living situation for your aging loved one, you must understand that the decision is dependent on how comfortable you are with the decision. Many seniors choose to receive care in a nursing home as they age, but some may choose to stay at home. Either way, the senior will be receiving the care they need when they need it the most.

Caregivers can get overwhelmed by the duties of caring for an elderly loved one, or they may no longer be able to care for the senior. If the senior develops an illness or needs more medical attention, the caregiver may no longer be able to simply care for a senior. Therefore, a nursing home could be a good resort for the aging adult. Some caregivers feel extremely guilty by placing their loved one in a nursing home, however, this is a common feeling due to the detachment from the senior. It is not good for the caregiver to feel guilty, as often times, a nursing home is the best place for the senior. You must trust that the decisions you make are the right decisions for the care the senior needs.

To be sure that the senior needs to be placed in a skilled nursing home it is best to talk with the seniors physician about the seniors conditions. As many seniors age differently, one senior may need some extra help during the day and could benefit from assisted living, whereas the next senior needs more medical attention and a nursing home could be the best option for them. The nursing home will provide 24-hour care for the senior, along with medical assistance, bathroom assistance, feeding, and taking care of the seniors needs. Some nursing homes offer specialized care services that seniors will need such as rehabilitation services, occupational care, and Alzheimer's disease care services. Some nursing homes have common areas where the senior can interact with other seniors, enjoy tv or a book, and relax outside of their room. There are often dining halls with feeding assistance services and specialized meal options, and exercise time available with physical therapists.

It is not only seniors that may need to take advantage of the nursing home and its services. Some people who have had surgery or who have fallen and need rehabilitation, may choose to live in a nursing home until they are fully recovered. This is usually the case for most residents. They receive the care they need, and then they can go back to their homes. Some seniors will remain residents for years as they may have dementia, a long-term illness, or need too much assistance.

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