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If your senior loved one needs some help with daily tasks, but they do not need 24 hour care, then Assisted Living Facilities are the correct choice for senior care housing. Daily tasks that some seniors may need help with could include dressing, eating, bathing, or using the toilet. If you think that your senior loved one could use some extra assistance as they age, it may be a good idea to inquire about Assisted Living facilities in your area. Although Assisted Living is less costly than a Nursing Home, it can still be fairly expensive. Medicare will not cover the expenses of Assisted Living, which can make it very difficult for seniors who need the extra assistance, but do not need full-time care. It is important to make sure that the senior or a family member is able to pay for the care services that Assisted Living provides.

Some Assisted Living Communities are within Retirement Communities so that the senior can move easily as their needs change. The senior may enjoy the beautiful surroundings, as many Assisted Living communities offer lush gardens, lounge rooms, and community rooms with comfortable seating and amenities. The staff do not wear uniforms, but rather they wear casual clothing to allow the seniors to feel more comfortable. The staff and caregivers are courteous and well-mannered, and they care for the seniors just as they would their own family.

Assisted Living is designed to keep seniors as independent as possible as the senior ages. Seniors are extremely happy living in Assisted Living communities, because they are able to keep their independence and get the care they need within their senior care housing. As seniors age, they can figure out what care type works best for them, and seniors who choose assisted living care are able to live the life they choose for themselves. Seniors can choose when they wake, when they eat, and what activities they would like to do. Assisted Living facilities are less restrictive and are more "home" than health care facilities for seniors.

Assisted Living

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