San Francisco Assisted Living

As a senior ages, their needs may begin to change. They may need additional help getting in and out of bed, they may become incontinent, or they may have arthritis and need help with daily tasks and chores. A senior who wishes to live in a senior care facility may choose to stay in an Assisted Living facility.

Not all senior care facilities are the same, that is why a senior will need to understand what care facility is right for them. An Assisted Living facility will provide the senior with the help they may need throughout the day such as help with bathing, dressing, brushing their teeth and grooming. Some seniors may need extra help with other personal tasks, physical chores, or even health-related assistance. The assisted living facility can provide the physical and occupational help a senior needs as they age.

There are many senior care facilities to choose from, and assisted living facilities are some of the most popular facilities for seniors. Most seniors will choose to age gracefully with the help they need in a safe environment that is right for them. An Assisted Living facility will provide everything a senior needs to live happily and safely.