San Francisco Home Care Nursing

Home care nursing services may be your choice in senior care services to allow your aging loved one to remain in his or her home.  San Francisco home care nursing services play a key role in the recovery of senior aged patients who have recently undergone surgery or have had a medical condition or illness which had required hospitalization.  Healing is a pivotal time in the life cycle of a senior aged loved one.  The proper care after a surgery or medical illness can determine the years to come after the episode.  Although you may feel that the best place for your loved one to recover and heal is at home, and that may be very well true for the emotional and mental positivity aspects, your family may not be able to best medically care for an aging loved one in the home.

Home care nursing services are able to schedule and send certified nurses, nursing assistance and home care workers to assess and continually monitor the after care and recovery of your aging loved one.  You and your family may not be familiar with side effects of the medications prescribed after a surgery or an illness and the home care nurses would be more familiar and more likely to prevent a reaction from medication or the dread of potentially misdiagnosing an aging loved one.  Home care nurses may also be able to ensure that at home exercises and physical therapy is performed correctly and without injury as well as often as prescribed by a medical professional for treatment.

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