Combating the Signs of Growing Old: Reasons to Remember Your Eyesight, Too

Looking in the mirror as you get older, often has you wondering how long that new wrinkle has been there and probably noticing one or two more grey hairs than you thought you had, the last time you checked.

You might even be able to retain a fatalistic sense of humour about all of the telltale signs you are showing of growing old, but when it comes to your eyesight, that is probably one of the areas where you might need to get serious.

By checking out laser eye surgery options you will soon find that there are many ways to keep your vision as youthful as possible for your age, regardless of what is going on elsewhere in the ageing process. You can find out more on specialist laser surgery websites like

Understanding age-related eye concerns

It stands to reason that unless you are on first name terms with a cosmetic surgeon, you are going to show signs of wear and tear as your body ages, and your eyes are no different in that respect.

There are a number of common eye conditions and diseases that you may well encounter as you reach and surpass certain birthday milestones, starting with the forty number.

Presbyopia might not necessarily be a familiar term to some of us, but it describes an ageing eye, and if you are aged forty or more, there is an increasing likelihood that you will encounter this condition.

Being diagnosed with presbyopia means that the lens in your eye has lost some of its flexibility, resulting in difficulty with the task of reading anything up close. This is the point where many of reach for our glasses or consider the idea of contact lenses or laser eye surgery, to combat the onset of this condition.

Not a dry eye in the house

Unfortunately, this may not turn out to be the case if you are older, and especially if you are a woman going through the menopause.

Hormonal changes can induce some changes in your eye’s ability to produce tears, which means that you might experience irritation or swelling of your eyelids. An eye examination should reveal more about this condition and although there is no current cure for dry eye syndrome, there are treatments that help to control the symptoms.

Blurry vision

There may have been different causes for blurry vision when you were in your twenties, but as you get older, the chances increase that the reason why you are having trouble focusing could be down to glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a condition that affects your optic nerve and causes damage, which could interfere with the visual information being transmitted to your brain, resulting in a loss of side vision.

If you display any of the symptoms associated with glaucoma, it is not something to procrastinate over, as if this condition is left untreated, it can eventually led to complete blindness.

As there are no symptoms in the early stages of glaucoma, it is another reason why you need to book an MOT for your eyes once a year at least, so that you get a chance to combat any of the signs of ageing with your eyes, while you still have a chance to do so.


Charlotte Perry works part-time as a nurse at a doctors surgery. She is also a Mom of three kids ranging in age from 2 to 10. She enjoys writing and sharing her knowledge online, generally helping people as much as she can.

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