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If your senior loved one had congestive heart failure, they may need nursing care home health services. Homecare services help a senior who has been hospitalized for congestive heart failure, but needs to be at home to receive care. Some seniors may not need homecare services, so it is important for the caregiver, to know how to care for the senior. Seniors may be able to live at home after having congestive heart failure, but they will need to know the best ways to keep their health and well-being.

Seniors who have had congestive heart failure should take care of themselves as much as possible. Caregivers may feel that they need to do everything for the senior, but allowing the senior to do most of the daily activities will help the senor get better, quicker. As long as the senior is able to, they should make their own decisions as to the care they are receiving, the management of their symptoms, and decisions about treatments. Caregivers should not take too much responsibility in caring for the senior, because this risks taking away the seniors independence. Seniors need to feel independent to avoid feeling lack of respect or depression. Therefore, if your aging senior is at home and needs medical assistance or help getting along in their daily life, you will need some supplies.

General at-home health supplies include medical supplies and medical equipment. Before renting or signing a rental contract, make sure to ask your senior care physician for assistance in choosing the right equipment. They may even be able to offer lower-cost substitutes, or be able to give you referrals on Medicare approved items which will be at no-cost or a low-cost. Some Geriatric Care Managers will assist you in finding the appropriate means of hospital supplies for in-home care, and what is covered by insurance policies. If you still have questions on what is covered by your insurance plan, contact the insurance plan directly.

The supplies needed for home health care can be purchased at surgical supply stores, pharmacies, hospitals, home health care agencies, or medical supply catalogs. Some retail stores are specifically designed for senior health care supplies, and you can look for these in your phone book under Surgical appliances, or health supplies. If you think that you should not buy equipment due to short-term usage, or cost efficiency, you can borrow medical equipment. Local groups such as the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Visiting Nurses Association, home health care senior agencies, National Easter Seals Society, or charity organizations may help you. Look around and ask your doctor, make sure to know what supplies are needed and how to easily purchase or borrow them. You can always call your doctor if you need help, but checking out local groups can be the most cost effective way to buy senior home health supplies.

You will want to make sure that your senior loved one who has had congestive heart failure is moving around as much as possible. Exercise will help to make the heart stronger, will lower cholesterol, and will improve the seniors blood circulation. Housework and gardening are easy, but beneficial, tasks for the adult who had heart failure. The doctor will know what activities are best for the individual, and how extensive activity should be for a healthier heart.  Seniors who had congestive heart failure are advised to stop smoking right away. Being supportive during this tough transition will help the senior who needs to quit smoking. There are many seniors who have had congestive heart failure, and are told that if they don’t stop smoking they will not get any better, but some seniors need even more of a push to quit smoking. Caregivers and friends are encouraged to talk to the senior about smoking and how it is affecting the seniors health. They should be supportive and listen to the seniors feelings and understand the seniors emotions. If you are a smoking caregiver, it is best for you to stop too. It is easier to quit if everyone around you is not smoking. Also, secondhand smoke may worsen the seniors heart conditions, therefore it is best that the senior does not have contact with or around smoke.

Seniors who may have had congestive heart failure must manage their prescriptions and take them each and every day as instructed. Many of these medications are essential to the well-being of the senior, and can be deadly if not taken according to the instructions. If the senior is living at-home independently, make sure they have a pill container with the dates and times marked. Post the daily medications on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror to remind the senior to take their medication. Some home health care services help seniors to take their medications on time, and this service may be valuable to your aging senior.

To ensure the best health for your aging senior who has congestive heart failure, caregivers should be aware of the seniors overall well-being. Having gone through heart failure, a senior may be feeling unwell, unable to do the things he once was able to, and may feel unhappy. This can lead to a serious depression and can be upsetting for the senior. Help your senior loved one to stay active, give the senior a structured daily plan, and stay upbeat and positive whenever you can. You can be the strength the senior may not have.

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