Convenience and comfort: Furnishing for a bright retirement

Growing old and heading into retirement comes with a host of challenges. Elderly parents may find that they are not as active or as healthy as they used to be. These changes in mobility and health often call for a different approach to daily living.
Nowadays retirees have various attractive living options. The most popular of these include moving in with their children or relocating to senior living communities. Regardless of the choice they make, senior citizens need to pay special attention to the furniture gracing their homes.
Those who opt to live on their own may find it easier to dwell in smaller homes. There is less clutter that way and the reduced space means that there are fewer household and maintenance chores to do. It is also simple to furnish small spaces.
When selecting furniture for the elderly, it is important to choose pieces that combine functionality with comfort. Wise homeowners in such situations always put practicality and therapeutic value above fashion and décor. It is crucial to go for ergonomically correct furniture that is easily accessible and comfortable to use. Uncomfortable or unsuitable furnishings usually have a detrimental effect on their users and senior citizens are especially vulnerable.
The best furniture items for retirees are those that are suited to their needs. Here are some general tips to consider when selecting furniture for those retirement years:

• Seats and chairs
Ideal chairs for the kitchen and dining room should have high backs to provide adequate support for an older person’s spine. Other armchairs or sofas ought to have armrests or handgrips that make it easy for the elderly to push themselves up from sitting positions.
Foam padded chairs or those with comfortable cushions are perfect for seniors who tend to sit for lengthy periods. These seats should be shallow enough to allow the users to rise easily. Sofas that come with footrests or uplift features are preferable to regular seating options. Additionally, elderly folks are sure to love massage chairs that soothe aching muscles and bones.

• Tables
Elderly people should avoid tables with sharp corners and should instead opt for those with rounded ones. The latter help to minimize injuries that can happen when bumping into sharp corners. Coffee or dining tables should be of a height that is appropriate for their intended users and they also need to be sturdy and stable enough to prevent being knocked over.

• Bedroom furniture
The focus here should be on selecting adjustable beds that allow individuals to choose suitable sleeping positions. These are extremely useful for seniors with circulation or breathing issues. Orthopedic mattresses that are ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support work well for the elderly. Roll out mattresses are also ideal since they are firm, cozy, simple to set up and easy to transport with minimal fuss.

• Storage
Just like any other homeowners, retirees require adequate storage space. The storage area needs to be conveniently located at a suitable height to eliminate bending, climbing or manipulation of furniture. Drawers and cabinets ought to have strong handles for grasping while bookcases and shelves should be securely fastened to the walls to prevent slanting or tipping.

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