Senior Conversation Starter Tips

Retirement HoustonStarting an uncomfortable conversation can be absolutely no fun.  It is not easy to ask hard questions.  In Los Angeles there are people who can be trusted and people who may not be so trustworthy.  As our parents age and there are other people in the family, friends and those we hire to assist to care for our senior aged loved ones, we must protect them as they once protected us.  It is important to reciprocate the loving care that our parents gave to us when we were vulnerable and in a position that someone needed to look after and out for us.  For this reason, it is equally important to start conversations which may be difficult.  The best way to prevent financial abuse with a senior aged loved one is to contact an attorney, financial advisor and accountant to get the finances in order.  When your senior aged loved one gets to the age that you feel like they could be in the position to fall victim to financial abuse it is the time to start those conversations.  Senior conversation starter tips:

  1. Start with a compliment or positive reference
  2. Reiterate your concern as being only because you love them
  3. Refer to another situation in which a senior was abused
  4. Explain the risks
  5. Ask the senior their thoughts and opinions on financial security

Starting a conversation with the positive things that you notice that protect a senior from abuse is a good way to pay compliment and ensure that your senior aged loved one doesn’t feel inadequate.  Never is it okay to be pushy or demeaning, even though you may feel that the serious conversation requires a sense of urgency.  Seniors are not our children and we are protecting them from the possibility of other people taking advantage of them, but not that we don’t trust the senior.  This person was once someone who cared for you and knew best for you, but now the tables may need to turn a little.  It is not the easiest thing to help your senior loved one know that you are not taking away from any of their wise, time-tested knowledge.  A senior should know that your concern comes from the other situations you are aware of in which another senior in the same position was financially abused.  The risks of being alone in the finances without a trusted family member, friend or advisor will make for a difficult position if the senior falls ill or there is a change in physical or mental condition.  Preparing in advance for who will be responsible to protect a senior’s finances should there be a sudden need for another person to intervene or take responsibility.  A senior who knows all of your concerns and the reason for concern about financial abuse should be able to have a more comfortable conversation about their thoughts and opinions with regard to what actions need to be taken to protect them from financial abuse. There are many Los Angeles senior advisors available to assist with the conversation.

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