Diligent Board and Care in Los Angeles

SierraBonitalogoThere’s options throughout West Hollywood and Los Angeles for board and care of your senior aged loved one, that is for sure, but if you are looking for superior care and many years of experience, that is only really found at Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility in Los Angeles. If you desire to see some of the gratitude that those family members expressed about the excellent care that their senior aged loved ones received, you should visit the website for Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility. The stories will warm your heart and exemplify the essence of what Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility has to offer. When we are not able to provide care for our loved ones ourselves we certainly want the next best thing or maybe even better than the care that we’d be able to provide for our senior aged loved ones. We want someone as dedicated to the well-being and happiness of our senior aged loved one as we are. There’s no need to worry about a senior feeling at home. The rooms at the facility are fully furnished. There’s an array of services offered at Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility to include Daily Housekeeping Services, 24-hour care and supervision, Medication Management, Incontinence Management, Assistance with dressing & Personal Care, Full Service Dinning, Daily laundry service, Transportation to and from Medical/Dental within certain miles and much more. There are also optional care services such as

  1. Home Health Agency
  2. Massage
  3. Podiatrist
  4. Medical Director on premises
  5. Hair Dresser
  6. Diagnostic Services
  7. Other professional services available upon request

The facility is licensed with the Department of Social Services, but certainly goes above and beyond any minimum requirements for care in the services in which they provide. Your senior will remain active and there are different activities to keep your senior interested every day. Assistance is offered 24 hours a day, so there’s never a time that you have to worry about when you would get some sleep and who would care for your senior aged loved one. There’s much less worry when you know that your senior aged loved one is receiving care from a facility where people are so likely to highly recommend the care services and board. Your senior aged loved one will be eating well, living well and maintaining a high quality life with the upmost respect and dignity. Caring for a loved one is something that we’d love to be able to do and now you can with the help from the special people at Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility. Visit often, but worry less when you are not able to be around. You will sleep well at night knowing that you senior aged loved one is in the best caring hands. If you are interested in reading about others’ experiences, it is encouraged to read the testimonials on the Sierra Bonita Board and Care Facility website. I think that you will find that the stories of the excellence in care are abundant.

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